Weaving Spirit Illariy ChakaRuna Fusion Apprenticeship

Entering into the Space of

Weaving Spirit Illariy ChakaRuna

You may choose Weaving Spirit  Illariy ChakaRuna as your Apprenticeship
Shamanic Pathways & Praxis 

Weaving Spirit Illariy ChakaRuna Apprenticeship MysticalBliss

Weaving Spirit Illariy ChakaRuna

Gives your Shamanic Connection and Exploration a new directions. Choose from a range of Shamanic Traditions, Ceremonies & Wisdom.
You may be able to use your Apprenticeship for your personal praxis and self actualisation or to share with others as Healing Art, Ceremonies or Teaching. 


You send us an email letting us know that you are interested. What you are

Bodies of Treasures for the first 3 Months 

What is Illariy ChakaRuna?    
Philosophy of Weaving Spirit  101 

               Shamanic Journeying
Andean Cosmology                                          Vision Quest
Animal Communication                           ShapeShifting & Coping Redemption Rhythms 101.                               Sacred Heart Activations 101
Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    155                         Soles S/.    355

Beyond Munay Ki  I & II Receiving the Rites, Giving Rites
6 contact hours each   US/Euro  185 each 


Praxis & Deepening
Bodies of Treasures for the 4-12 Months 


Illariy ChakaRuna Activations                      Philosophy of Weaving Spirit 


Vision Quest           Shamanic Healing Arts & Spirit Medicine                                 Spirit Animal Connection                  Andean Cosmology                         Ho’oponopono                      Medicine Wheel
Ethical Development          Dispacho Gratitude Ceremony
Shamanic Journeying                     Redemption Rhythms
Smoke & Ashes.      Toltec Explorations  (Mitote Dreams)
Sacred Heart Activations 201 

Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    211                        Soles S/.    611

Beyond Munay Ki
Praxis & Deepening. usually as a journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru  15 Contact hours, can include plant medicine and what appears to the group. (min 8 participants)

Soul Retrieval
individual, couple or up to 5 participants
12 contact hours & 21 days integration from US/Euro. 111 
Sonqo Mesa Carrier
6 – 12 months, min of 160 contact hours 

Synergy & Integration – Mastery
Bodies of Treasures for the.  13-24 Months 

Illairy ChakaRuna Mastery                    Philosophy of Weaving Spirit  301 

Healing Arts & Spirit Medicine                     Spirit Animal Connection
             Andean Cosmology                           Ho’oponopono
Medicine Wheel                               Ethical Development
Shamanic Journeying & Lucid Dreaming
Redemption Rhythms                     Soul Retrieval  (Facilitator)                                     
Vision Quest                                 Animal Communication 301
Sacred Heart Activations.    Smoke & Ashes 

Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    211                        Soles S/.    611

Beyond Munay Ki Share the LOVE

Facilitator Training 33 contact hours. US$/Euro 1,100

Sonqo Mesa Carrier
6 – 12 months, min of 160 contact hours

Ceremonies, Retreats & Journeys in Peru, Hawaii, Jamaica, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, India & Indonesia
Plant Medicine in Peru 

Illairy ChakaRuna Apprenticeship is mainly Face2Face, in Journeys & BlissTreats 





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