Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships

          Weaving Spirit
Fusion Apprenticeships 


Vibration of Light

Stepping through

Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships are a Space for personal and collective (Un)Learning both virtual & face2face.
invoking Your courageous & authentic Journey in your World(s) in Ayni & Munay
(Sacred reciprocal Relationship with All there is & Pure LOVE)

For those who wish to share in community or clients, or simply take their own journey deeper.

WE are preparing space, time and content for you to start your Apprenticeship
Enquire NOW and enrol for March 1st  2018 

It will be personal, inclusive and growing.

All Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships have the purpose to link your talents, experience & potential with the Bodies of Treasures (Wisdom, Knowledge, Remembering & Gifts that came to our journey) enabling your true self, your contribution, collaboration and creatively in your World(s).

You can experience Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships in a virtual space and face2face in BlissTreats (Retreats) Journeys or in our space or yours.

You can take Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships as far and deep as you wish with a monthly subscription, (each month you sign up again)

Coaching and/or Facilitation can be 100 % online but of course
you can choose some face2face integrations.

Illairy ChakaRuna is predominantly face2face,
we are open to hear your ideas through Journeys, BlissTreats etc.

Illariy Meditation & Journeying  can be up to 60% virtual


How do Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships look like?
Every month you receive the following

  1. your choice of two Bodies of Treasures available for your specific Apprenticeship (you receive in form of writing, lectures and inspirations to explore the Bodies of Treasures)
  2. personal assignments and questions that assist your personal journey, your project or endeavour
  3. feedback to your explorations
  4. Case Studies and Journaling
  5. Dialogue Board on Facebook that you will be invited to (Closed Group)
  6. two personal checkins or linkups 20 – 30 min each
  7. invoking your personal praxis development
  8. You spend around 30 hours each month with your apprenticeship

In addition, we are offering a number of BlissTreats & Journeys for your deeper experience with 3-9 participants, this can be 3 -33 days immersing into your Apprenticeship. 

General Application & Indications of the Apprenticeships: 

You will receive Certificates after 3 months for Exploration, after 12 Months Praxis & Deepening and after 24 months Integrated Mastery.

An Apprenticeship may be for your and your own journey weaving spirit into your life or to open your opportunities as a Practitioner.

All Apprenticeship include a wide range of knowledge, wisdom and intuitive insights

You can join the Apprenticeships on a monthly basis.

We have limited numbers as you are all getting personal attention.

Any month you are the number 11 apprentice you will get one free month.

These apprenticeships all have a personal touch and are not automated. You may use the same Bodies of Treasures  with your personal application, space & time.

We are always open for collaboration, synergy & endeavours.

Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships
offer you the following Choices: 

Coaching & Facilitation

takes you into World of Coaching and Facilitation according to your audience & clients. We have a wide range of models, experience and wisdom to cover you in LifeChoice Coaching, Organisational, Leadership, Community, Public Engagement +++
Coaching & Facilitation is mainly a virtual experience, yet we are always available to host and lead F2F experiences. 

Illariy ChakaRuna

opens a blended Shamanic & Wisdomkeeper World for you that gives you a range of opportunities for your true expression & experience.  There are different pathways to choose from according to your resonance & gifts.

Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys

opens the portal into the worlds of Meditation & Journeying. We are sourcing from a range of philosophy, techniques & praxis (our own).
You will have choices with Mantras & Mudras, Non-Duality, Tantric to Shamanic Journeying, Sufi Meditation +++  for your own Praxis or to Share.  

See you there. Feel free to ask more and click for additional information.


Please note. we are still building this page and its links 






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