Weaving Spirit Coaching & Facilitation Fusion Apprenticeship

Entering into the Space of

Weaving Spirit Coaching & Facilitation

You may choose Coaching or Facilitation  for your Apprenticeship 

Weaving Spirit Coaching & Facilitation

opens your world of invoking & provoking true potential of True Self, Space for Change, Freedom and true Expression in the Worlds.
Coaching works more on a personal 
level, but you will also have an opportunity to learn about Group Coaching if you you desire 
Facilitation is more the Art to lead a process of change in an organisational or community context, as well as Personal Development 


You send us an email letting us know that you are interested. What you are

Exploration  initial three months
When completed you will have 200 hours
Take your 2 Compulsory Course per month + 2 electives
Bodies of Treasures 

What is Coaching?     or.           What is Facilitation?
Philosophy of Weaving Spirit  101 

Appreciative Inquiry 101               Emotional Intelligence 101
Relaxation & Meditation 101
       Transactional Dynamix 101 

Specials for Facilitation:
Public Engagement 101             Mediation 101
Energy of Facilitation 101        Structure & Space of Facilitation 101 

General Assignments & Praxis
Coaching & Facilitation
Preparing your first Engagement                  Exploring your Space 
How you digest & integrate your Bodies of Treasures 

Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    155                         Soles S/.    355

Praxis & Deepening  4-12 Months
When completed you will have 700  hours
Take your 2 Compulsory Course per month + 2 electives
Bodies of Treasures 


Coaching Models     or.           Facilitation Models & Philosophy
Philosophy of Weaving Spirit 


Appreciative Inquiry 201-3                    Emotional Intelligence 201-3
Relaxation & Meditation 201-3            Transactional Dynamix 201-3
Spiral Dynamics 101 – 103                      Ho’oponopono 101 – 103
Four Agreements 
101 – 103.                   Ethical Development 101 -103

General Assignments & Praxis
Evolution of Coaching.     or            Evolution of Facilitation 
Your Case Studies

Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    211                        Soles S/.    611

Synergy & Integration – Mastery  months 13-24
When completed you will have 1100  hours
Take your 2 Compulsory Course per month + 2 electives
Bodies of Treasures

Mastery & Flow  Coaching or  Facilitation             Philosophy of Weaving Spirit  

Appreciative Inquiry 301-3                    Relaxation & Meditation 201-3            Transactional Dynamix 301-3               Emotional Intelligence 301-3
Spiral Dynamics 201-301                        Ho’oponopono 201-301
Four Agreements 201-301
                      Ethical Development 201-301

You may allow take the  Intentional Integral Practice Course from 5 Deep and others. 

Specials for Facilitation:
Case Studies & philosophical explorations

Monthly Ayni    US$/Euro.    211                        Soles S/.    611

F2F Engagement. by REQUEST 

Questions?  WhatsApp. +51947733132

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