Spirit Coaching & Whispering: Personal, Professional & Relational

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Spirit Coaching & Whispering:
Personal, Professional & Relational 

Our Privates from our Chakana Impact Studio
Take your part in your Transformation  

Chakana Impact Studio

Spirit Coaching & Whispering:
Take your part in your Transformation
You are invited to enjoy our gifts to identify and shift the traps, constructs, conflicts & malware that stop you from being YOU. Our Spirit Coaching & Whispering invokes and inspires your Conscious Choices and Praxis to truly live your Wholeness & Potential.

Over the past 15 years we are offering  Spirit Coaching & Whispering to thousands of clients.

We go with the spirit of the time, your situation and our guidance. We are inclusive to our approach to enable your full expression. Our roots are in Appreciative Inquiry and Integral Theory Coaching and our roots take us to new Horizons to accomodate your possibilities and potential.

Spirit Coaching & Whispering may be a one off session, a package of 3 to 6 around Conscious Mapping, Conflict Busting, Relational Transformation, Professional Insights & Change.

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Usually, our clients work with us through situations and challenges and check back in when new things happen in their lives.

We work with 2 to 3 clients per week.

Breaking Sessions & Classes from October 15th till December 15th 

We conduct Sessions & Programs for you to access the realm of your potential. Our  gifts and systems to assist you to:

identify your conflicts,traps and malware
shift and lift those
bring them to your awareness
awaken your change and coping
accompany your change, choice and praxis

We continue to engage with individuals, men, women and children, as well as your animals. Professionals, especially leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, as well as couples in Change.

All of our Sessions are based in a range of shamanic traditions (the path of love, power, truths & light), Sonqos’ Sound & Meditation Journeys, Philosophy, Post Systemic Psychology, Cultural & Communication studies, intuition and Spirit Whisper.

In addition you may like to include regressions, soul retrieval, sacred heart reconnection, Karma Wheel Jumping, Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys,  Emotional Intelligence, 5 Deep and Belbin Team Roles   +++

Programs take over 11 to 333 days and are finely tuned to you. During the time of our engagement we linkup with you and more, and yes most of you move on from here.

How can you experience Spirit Coaching & Whispering?

After our initial conversation we make choices available for you

Most packages are over 11 -33 days from Euro/US $  440

For Checkins and Checkups you may choose:

Clarity Conversation, Reality Checks or Spirit Dialogue
                                                                                            Euro/US 88 per 30 min 
Chakra Illumination & Synchronisation         from Euro/US $ 139    45 min 

Catalyst Coaching for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives
6-12 Sessions                                                          from Euro/US $ 690 for  6 Sessions


  Questions?  send us an email patrick@mysticalbliss.com or patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com

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