Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs

Entering Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs

Tree of Transformation and Magic

Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs Cecie’s painting

Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs

created from our hearts  to make your hearts sing
activating your rhythms and tunes for Your Authentic Expression & Happiness 

Our HeartSongs contain of
A Spirit Paintings & Photography
A Meditation Journey
with our pentatonic instruments and voices

are here to create a frequency of lightness & happiness to enabling you to flow & thrive, as well as to glow and radiate your light into the worlds.  We endeavour to make space for You and your possitive expression in a whole new world of change and transformation, along with a rising collective consciousness.

We are simply available to be the instrument of the divine to produce the HeartSongs. We are reading Vital Sign(al)s to listen, we are present to messages and energy in places and spaces. We are happy to be Bridges of Light from the Worlds and into a Whole New World.  We are open to the wonders and the magic, serendipity and synchronicity within and in the external world.

check us out, here is our free content, always available for you to listen and enjoy.

 Caring & Sharing  Soundcloud and YouTube Channel to get a feel.

Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs are intuitively inspired and improvised to bring you Pathways, Praxis and Choices for your True Potential

Whale Experiences

connecting with Whales in in Frazer Island


Relaxation & Revitalisation
Stress Relief & Resilience Building
Connectedness to Sovereign True Self
Wholeness & Lightness
Clarity, Focus & Happiness
Liberation, Creativity & Abundance


The Spirit Paintings can tune you in to your potential,  inspiring you visually and open up your intuition, your peace within, happiness, tranquility +++.

The Meditation Journeys with the pentatonic sound resonate with your vibration and sound within and activate your opportunities & potential.

What can you get from Sonqos’ World and their Digitally Downloadable HeartSongs?

Sonqos' Worlds Productions

HeartSonqs from Sonqos’ Worlds



You will receive Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs in three parts in your download.

  1. Digital Spirit Painting or Photograph by Cecie
  2. Sonqos’ Meditation Journey to the te Painting
  3. Digital Spirit Painting or Photograph by Cecie with the Journey



You can use and enjoy

  1. the painting on your computer or print it to tune in visually
  2. listening to the meditation journey whenever your wish from your Cellphone or other devices
  3. both together

The Painting/Photograph takes you into Sonqos’ World through and beyond the Image.
The Meditation Journey into your internal worlds.


Our Journey to  Sonqos’ Worlds: Digitally downloadable HeartSongs? We are inspired by the physical and external world and we enter the Worlds beyond the appearance (Maya). Our Praxis and experiences over the last years, exploring, listening and interpreting Vital Sign(al)s and Gifts to surrender it all and being free to create HeartSongs from  Sonqos’ Worlds.

Hold tight – the first Downloadable is just on your way.

Mystically Blissful Sacred Place & Space with one of Cecie’s paintings of Sacred Place. In the Meditation Journey we open sacred space with you and take you to your sacred space within through the Chakana.


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