Sonqos’ Vitalix Ceremonies & Blessings

Welcome to Sonqos’ Vitalix Ceremonies & Blessings 

Watch the space  we are getting ready to assist you through Sonqo’s Vitalix Ceremonies & Blessings by the Sonqos.   in Deutsch

Shamanic Inspiration the traditions of the Paq’os (Path of the Heart) and Laykas (Path of Power and Light.

The Chakana 
The Medicine Wheel 
The Elements 
Vibrational Sound (Pentatonic Instruments, Flutes, Kalimba, Drums, Chants, Mantras +++

Cosmic Lineages 
Inka, Toltec, Kahuna, Maori and Aboriginal inspired 
Smoke & Essences
Fire & Ashes

Spirit Animals 


 You can check in with us for your personal Ceremony or Blessings, join our Community Events or ask us to organise your Fractal Community Events 

The Ceremonies & Blessings come to you for the following and more:  

Vitalix stands for invoking Vitality through Dynamix and Light

House & Land
Sacred Unions
Shifting Malware 

and anything you wish to celebrate

from 4 to 44 days from Euro/US $ 440

Vital Choices





Not sure?  Check our Testimonials   or simply contact us  at  or for a Resonance Dialogue?





Our Community Events & Endeavours can be in (Y)our Space

Dispacho  (Andean Gratitude)

Ho’oponopono: Healing Relationships & Self 

Sufi’s Sama: Listening & Rememberance, Sufi Poems, Movement +++ 

Sonqos’ Kirtana: Enjoy the World of Mantras +++ 

Advaita Satsang: Exploring Non Duality Truths, Heart Opening & Mantras 

Sonqos’ Rhythms: Dance with Spirit Animals

Sonqos’ Cacao Ceremony 

ask us for more.  or or ceciehanza@gmail. com

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