Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys

Welcome to Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys 

The World of Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys  takes you into the HEART, a place of Relaxation, Choices and Liberation in a personal and group setting, as well as for organisations and kids.

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Are you ready for exploring the STATES of Your Potential?

Enjoy the benefits & impacts of MEDITATION (different Styles).
Explore the magic of Pentatonic Sounds tuned to Your MiracleTones. 

Enter the power of your voice in MANTRAS
Entice your whole Being in your hands through MUDRAS.
Enchant you and your world with your MANIFESTATIONS.
Embrace your body & soul with your MOVEMENT.  

How you can enjoy Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys?
Blended with face2face or online interactions: Courses, Series, Programs, VisionQuests, Bliss & SilentTreats.
All of our offerings include personal and general content.

Vital SELF or Couples
Your Personal Journeys to Wholeness, Coping, Changing and Creating Your Potential. LifeChoice & LifeForce +++ 

Vital Organisations
Bring Relaxation and Inspiration into your Space. Improve Engagement, Creativity & Collaboration. Offer tools & praxis to cope with Stress and develop Resilience. +++

Vital  Kids
Do you want to give your Kids something special for LIFE? Peace within? Acceptance of SELF? Creativity & Trust while embracing LIFE? +++

Enjoy our Free resources here or on YouTube and Facebook or join our Courses, Series, Programs, VisionQuests, Bliss & SilentTreats

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