Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys Vital Self & Couples

Welcome to Sonqos’ Vital Meditation Journeys
Explore you way to Vitality:   Vital Self & Couples


Potential Impact
Vital Meditation & Journeys  Vital Self & Couples

Dancing with stress, building resilience, Peace within, Strengths,Change and Coping Mechanism, better sleep, vitality +++

Vital SELF or Couples
Your Personal Journeys to Wholeness, Coping, Changing and Creating Your Potential. LifeChoice & LifeForce +++

We are offering here two options:

you get a series of 11 Meditations/Journeys, Mantras, 11 short lecturers  on specific topics with 3 personal guidance        Euro/US  $  55

Face2face  with us
for 1 to 11 participants 11 Classes with the Heart/Dialogue and Meditation/Journeys and personal guidance.      from Euro/US $  220  per person

Couples according to your specific purpose and wishes.

Our 4 M’s is a series focussing on  Meditation, Manifestation,  Mantras & Mudras

Our  5 L’s: Living Breath, Living Choice, Living Movement, Living  Sound

Our 6 P’s  includes: Passion, Prosperity, Potential, Pureness, Presence & Playfulness

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