Shamanic Horizons – Sonqos’ Pathways

Welcome to our Shamanic Horizons – Sonqos’ Pathways 

thank you for entering this space. Shamanic Horizons – Sonqos’ Pathways at Kawsay Sonqo Academy takes you to the Path of the Paq’o, the Layka and ChakaRuna.

The Paq’os are following the Path of the Heart, the Layka the Path of the Light, often ordinary people doing extraordinary things and a ChakaRuna is a (wo)man as a bridge.

We are offering programs here based in the Q’ero traditions, Toltec and Kahuna. And as Yogis we also sing Mantras, Chant and Whistle.

Our Shamanic Horizons – Sonqos’ Pathways are programs around:

Connectedness with the Elements 
Medicine Wheel 
Spirt Animals 
Shamanic Journeying 
Munay Ki (our version) 
Despachos and Fire Ceremonies 

Ask us how you can experience it.

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