RelationalMagic @ Kawsay Sonqo Academy

Welcome to RelationalMagic @ Kawsay Sonqo Academy 

RelationalMagic @ Kawsay Sonqo Academy takes you to the vibration of sweetness and the rhythms of bliss in your relationship.

RelationalMagic make space for consciousness and livingness in your Relations.

Your Relation with Self, with your Beloved your children, your parents and even your business relationships.

A Relational Vision Quest opens the space for new endeavours.

The Journey can be individual programs or a whole course.

And this is how RelatioalMagic flows:

Essential Endeavour to explore

Deepening Endeavour to integrate

Challenger Endeavour to synchronise

Master Endeavour to actualise

 The first two Endeavours can be for individuals, or couples, or parents, children. For the Challenger and Master Endeavour it is necessary to have a partner to journey with.


RelationalMagic @ Kawsay Sonqo Academy offers the following programs. At each Endeavour you may choose 6 programs to complete an endeavour.


concepts, experience & pathways

  1. Relational Diamond (the Sonqos)
  2. Relational Dialectix (Baxter & Montgomery)
  3. Five Love Languages
  4. Transactional Dynamix (Bernie) for Couples and Relationships
  5. Ethical Dialogue (Johannesson) in Relationships
  6. Moral Development (Kohlberg, Piaget, Gilligan) for Relationships
  7. Relational Mirroring & Shadow Dance
  8. Relational Celestine Prophesy Insights & Praxis
  9. Relational Soul Retrieval for Couples
  10. Bliss Dynamix – shifting heaviness and problems into lightness & dynamix


  1. Relational Ho’oponopono
  2. Cacao Ceremony
  3. Couples’ Kirtana




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