Refund Policy

Welcome to Refund Policy


All our services are prepaid after a resonance check.  WE do not refund or exchange your ayni (payment) for packages of 3 to 6, kawsay sonqo academy programs and kawsay sonqo productions.


Sessions & packages

Should you no longer wish to complete your package you can gift your remaining sessions to another person.

Should you miss your session without a reasonable notice time or cancellation – we may charge you for the session.

Kawsay Sonqo Academy

We only accept ayni (payments) when we are sure that we are running courses, programs and other educational services.

There is no Refund or Exchange. If you are cancelling and wish to rebook for another offer we required 15 days notice.

Kawsay Sonqo Productions

Before we send you our production, art, journeys, etc  you will have agreed to it.  There is no Return or Exchange.


We hope you understand the nature of our engagement. There are surely always options. We do not have general time limits on our services, so you may choose your time and space to complete your engagements and endeavours with you.

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