Our Story

Patrick felt more comfortable in mystic realms since childhood. Nature connection in his native Jamaica and Germany, spirit and animal  whisper make him a child of wonder. Always curious in the subtle, the stars, music and connectedness with the divine.

 The Celestine Prophesy reached him in the 90s to awake him. Then he realised his world was real not woohoo. In the late 90s his mystic training begun along side with his academic endeavours. New  Zealand was the place for him to train and grow. Exquisite masters, mystics and spirit came his way. This is were his own mastery begun unpinned by training, certifications & initiations that gave him the tools to develop his own magic and dance with the divine.
His Medicine is MysticalBliss: lightness, laughter, (un)learning, language and LOVE packed into Systems to awaken the Sacred Heart and Conscious Choices.

In 2012, his heart called him home to Jamaica to live his truths as mystic and Paq’o sharing his gifs with his people.  His conscious yoga journey begun at the same time.

In 2013, while on a trip to Peru with a client Patrick met Cecie introduced by a mutual friend and the Soul Connection was almost instant. Without hesitation Cecie left her university job in teaching and virtual studies and began to train and explore her gifs. Cecie is an artist creating her own interpretation of Mandalas in line the MysticalBliss Pillars. She also reconnected to her ancestral smoke and ash reading and clearing abilities as well as playing singing bowls, Kalimba and drums. Together they also chant and sing mantras and using their sound for vibrational rising and alignment. Their sounds are for healing, clearing, relaxation and the meditation and journeys they record and play.

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