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One Spirit Cecie's Bowls

Cecie with Bowls

conducted from our Chakana Impact Studio

One Spirit Interactions with the Sonqos in MysticalBliss are inspired by spirit and the sacred heart.

Mostly online:  Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Telegram

We engage with individuals and their personal situation, stress, pain & conflict points and their journey. Can be with Men & Women, Children, and animals.

Our professional interactions are mainly with Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Visionaries & Executives who are ready to consider their whole self and their whole impact on the people they engage with their whole realm of influence. 

When Couples enter our space they are ready to explore the expectations & dynamics of their relationship and how to take each other to their highest potential. 

Play the Key Role in your sovereign journey to True & Whole Self 

Chakana Impact Studio


You are invited to enjoy our gifts to identify and shift the traps, constructs, conflicts & malware that stop you from being YOU. Our One Spirit Coaching & Whispering invokes and inspires your Conscious Choices and Praxis to truly live your Wholeness, Truths  & Potential.


All of our engagements are a Dialogical Dance, awakening and inviting new Horizons of Your becoming.

We go with the spirit of the time, space, your situation and our guidance. We are inclusive to our approach to enable your full expression to accomodate your possibilities and potential.

One Spirit invocations


We work with 2 to 3 clients per week

Who do we engage with?
We continue to engage with individuals, men, women and children, leaders & entrepreneurs, Couples, as well as animals.

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering may be

One Spirit Semiotix 
share you inquiry with us about your dreams, a situation, something strange and we reply by audio or video
Contact us  WhatsApp  +51947733132, state your inquiry and we begin.
Ayni  US/Euro  30    Soles   90

One Spirit Straight to Self 
find you way back to You, right now, right here 

One Spirit Packages
consist of 3-6 sessions that you can use as you wish to maybe work at a particular situation over 4 to 8 weeks time.
Each Session in a Package is 70 minutes

Ayni (Exchange)  US $/Euros   Package of 3.  380.  Package of 6  740
Soles  900. for three and  2,100 for 6 

One Spirit Programs from 33 to 333 days, including your change process and integration

One Spirit Executive & Leadership Interactions
By Request we can conduct
Emotional Intelligence, 5 Deep and Belbin Team Roles  Tests  +++


We are able to include a range of techniques and experiences into your experiences such as: regressions, trauma release, soul retrieval, sacred heart reconnection, Karma Wheel Jumping +++

Our Clearing & Attuning Journeys and Activations may also support your journey. 

 Questions?  send us an email or

or check out  About 

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