One Spirit Coaching & Whispering: Personal, Professional & Relational

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One Spirit Coaching & Whispering:
Personal, Professional & Relational 

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering is an evolving and inclusive approach. Mostly online:  Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Telegram

Availability December 2018 through to March 2018
until December 23 and after the 28th and right through to March
Ready to take you through this Retrograde to the next step in Your GAME 

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering
from our Chakana Impact Studio 

Take your part in your Transformation  

Chakana Impact Studio


You are invited to enjoy our gifts to identify and shift the traps, constructs, conflicts & malware that stop you from being YOU. Our One Spirit Coaching & Whispering invokes and inspires your Conscious Choices and Praxis to truly live your Wholeness, Truths  & Potential.


All of our engagements are a Dialogical Dance, awakening and inviting new Horizons of Your becoming.

We go with the spirit of the time, space, your situation and our guidance. We are inclusive to our approach to enable your full expression to accomodate your possibilities and potential.

We work with 2 to 3 clients per week.

Who do we engage with?
We continue to engage with individuals, men, women and children, leaders & entrepreneurs, Couples, as well as animals.

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering may be One Off Sessions, Packages of 3 to 6 around Your Journey, or a Programs from 33 to 333 days, including your change process and integration

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering One off Sessions shining light into your experiences & expressions

Check ins for:
Clarity and realities
Horizon opening
Provoking Self inquiry
Remembering & reconnecting

Sacred Tracking

Spirit readings 

Beyond Dreams 

Sound journeys

Ayni (Exchange)  US $/Euros. 80 per 30 min

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering Packages consist of 3-6 sessions that you can use as you wish to maybe work at a particular situation over 4 to 8 weeks time.
Each Session in a Package is 70 minutes

Ayni (Exchange)  US $/Euros   Package of 3.  380.  Package of 6  740 

Executive & Leadership Coaching using tests etc. by Request

One Spirit Coaching & Whispering Programs are here to tackle a specific situation in your life. the Programs include checkins, your personal Sound Journeys, Mantras and your active involvement in the process. Programs are intensive.  We will be looking at 1-2 points at time.

The Programs we are currently offering are

Conscious Mapping Systems
Exploring your map  your points behind the obvious
Clearing. Your path from malware and obstacles
Offering Choice Points and praxis
Transformation pathways with tools
Accompany Your Integration journey

Redemption Rhythms
From Self Abuse to Self Actualisation & LOVE
Exploring your rhythms to Freedom
Connecting to your essence and divine potential
Identifying ways out of ur rut
Discovering rhythms of your redemption
Designing and implementing your rhythms

Conflict Busting
Facing it
Busting it
Living without it
Finding balance
Making New Choices

Bringing. Life into your relations
We catch you where you are at

Vision Quest & Integration
For courageous livingness and lifechoice

Ayni (Exchange)  US $/Euros   from 333


In addition you may like to include
regressions, trauma release, soul retrieval, sacred heart reconnection, Karma Wheel Jumping, Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys,  Emotional Intelligence, 5 Deep and Belbin Team Roles   +++

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