Munay Ki Beyond the Experience Coming to YOU

Munay Ki Beyond the Experience
Coming to YOU

Munay Ki Beyond the Experience is our variation of the Munay Ki, utilising our gifts and guidance.

The Munay Ki is an ancient way of initiation by the Q’ero in the Andes of Peru. Dr. Alberto Villodo worked intensively with the Q’ero and developed the the 9 Initiations. Including rites of passage, seer’s rites, bands of power, the healing of the divine feminine and masculine, becoming the keeper of the earth and the stars and finally the creator rite. Alberto created a system of transmission with it. Munay Ki means  I love you in Quechua and really means I love me, beyond self interest, greed, resentment and envy.

Patrick is facilitating the Munay Ki individually and in groups since 2009 with the completion of his Mesa Carrier (Spirit Medicine Man) based in the same traditions. Until 2012 Patrick shared the Munay Ki in New Zealand, Jamaica and Mexico. When Cecie joined him on this journey in 2013 they begun to teach together in Peru, Jamaica and Germany. Ready to bring these wonderful rites, the praxis and Your ability to share to the World.

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Ask when we run the next Beyond Munay Ki or how you can do Beyond Munay Ki on your own with us.


Munay Ki Beyond the Experience
Coming to YOU

We will update dates as soon as we have them.  We are able to work in English, German and Spanish.

Medicine Wheel & Pi Stones

Medicine Wheel & Pi Stones

When You enter the Space of the Munay Ki you enter the space of Your sacred relationship with SELF and how you can be in this World, in Your Truths, Your Resonance, Your Vibration living Your Dreams in Ayni (sacred reciprocal Relationship with All there is)

We are sharing with you a range of ceremonies, systems and experiences that enable your Consciousness, your Congruence and your Choices.

When you begin the integration of the Munay Ki and the Praxis of Loving You, you join the luminous ones. According to Dr Alberto Villodo we are in the transition from the Homo Sapien, (Wo)men of the mind to the Homo Luminous  (Wo)men of the Light. In our guidance this means living from the Heart with Spirit

Many Ki Praxis

Munay Ki Praxis

The wonderful Praxis of nurturing the seeds of your activations. Enter the space of your Highest Consciousness, Clarity and Choice.

Munay Ki Awakening

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