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Welcome to Beyond Munay Ki: The Praxis of LOVE kawsay sonqo. academy

When you enter the Space of Beyond Munay: The Praxis of LOVE kawsay sonqo aceamdy. You are entering the World of the Q’ero, the Spirit Advisers of the Inka. Untouched by Spanish Colonisation and Catholicism they went higher up in the Andes to maintain and develop their lineage and traditions. The last 50 Years they have returned to Cusco and shared their teachings and wisdom with people like Dr. Alberto Villodo, who brought the Munay Ki into the World, on time for ‘Time to create the New’ from 2012.

Munay KI SONQO  Urpillay Sonqollay

Beyond Munay Ki is our Creation and Lineage for over 6 years and we love to SHARE. We love to enjoy with YOU. Its is alive, dynamic and playful.

We offer Beyond Munay Ki: The Praxis of LOVE 

Prior to enrolling the First Beyond Munay Ki Experience we offer a 30 min introduction to make a conscious choice.

Beyond Munay Ki I – the Awakening and Receiving the Rites 

4 hours programs with all 9 rites, introduction to the Andean Cosmo Vision & role of the Q’ero, as spirit guardians & guides. You also receive a Serpentine Pi Stone from the Sacred Valley in Peru. You also receive the practices for the first 3 rites, Shamanic Journeys & MORE.

Euro/US $  110 per Person from 3-11 participants

Serpentine Pi Stones from the Sacred Valley

Beyond Munay Ki II  Giving Rites &  Synchronisation 

5 Hours Program. Going deeper into the Munay Ki, checking your Rainbow Body, your Seer abilities and learn more about the meaning of the rites and how to give them. Synchronising your Seeds. Learn the Nourishing & Cultivation Praxis of the Munay Ki Seeds in your Chakras (Eyes of Light) with Fire Breath and Pulsing. Connect to your Life Force (Qi/Prana).  Aquire a New Sense of AYNI (sacred reciprocal relationship with All there is). Connecting  level to the world of plants, animals, stones and Spirit.

Euro/US $. 150  4 -11 participants

Beyond Munay Ki II a   Rites of the Womb (for Women only) 

2 Hours Experience. Cecie will take women on this journey and imitate the rite of the womb. This includes a Praxis for the women. Men may want to be part of this initiation as the Guardians of the Divine Feminine and their women. We include a journey and Chanting into this part of Beyond Munay Ki.  Cecie always conducts the Rite of the Womb in Nature close to water.

Euro/US $ 80 for 3 -11 women

Beyond Munay Ki III  the Rebirth and Actualisation (Illariy ChakaRuna) 

11 Hours Program for those who have been practicing all the Munay Ki Praxis for at least 5 months. This is includes a Rebirthing Journey to truly be Munay Ki and 2 Activations into the Illariy ChakaRuna (W0)Men as bridges of Light into a New World). Profound Advaita (Non-Duality) Journeying and Chanting, more LifeForce experience with Yoga & Qi Gong. Liberation Experiences and a Mitote Dream Ceremony.

Munay Ki Activation

Munay Ki Activation

Euro/US $ 380  for 4 -11 participants

Beyond Munay Ki – Share the LOVE to facilitate & coach Munay Ki Your Way 

22  Hours Program for you to integrate you own experience & praxis with the Beyond Munay Ki into your Authentic Ways of Teaching and Coaching. This includes a Soul & Destiny Retrieval to fully activate your True Potential to Share the LOVE of the Munay Ki.  Always Residential

Euro/US $ 1,100  for 4 – 8 participants


Beyond Munay Ki Sharing the LOVE

Beyond Munay Ki in German  and  Beyond Munay Ki Spanish 

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We can conduct Beyond Munay Ki in (Y)our Space or

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