Beyond Munay Ki: The Praxis of LOVE

Welcome to Beyond Munay Ki: The Praxis of LOVE  

When you enter the Space of Beyond Munay: The Praxis of LOVE, you are entering the World of the Q’ero, the Spirit Advisers of the Inka. Untouched by Spanish Colonisation and Catholicism they went higher up in the Andes to maintain and develop their lineage and traditions. The last 50 Years they have returned to Cusco and shared their teachings and wisdom with people like Dr. Alberto Villodo, who brought the Munay Ki into the World, on time for ‘Time to create the New’ from 2012.

Beyond Munay Ki is our Creation and Lineage for over 6 years and we love to SHARE. We love to enjoy with YOU. Its is alive, dynamic and playful.

We offer Beyond Munay Ki: The Praxis of LOVE 

Beyond Munay Ki I – the Awakening and Initiations 
Beyond Munay Ki II  the Deepening and the Synchronisation 
Beyond Munay Ki II a   Rites of the Womb (for Women only) 
Beyond Munay Ki III  the Rebirth and Actualisation (Illariy ChakaRuna) 
Beyond Munay Ki – Share the LOVE to facilitate & coach Munay Ki Your Way 

Munay Ki


Each of the Beyond Munay Ki I, II, II a) and III comes to you over approx 15 Contact Hours, including initiations, material, and  Home Study & Praxis.

Beyond Munay Ki in German  and  Beyond Munay Ki Spanish 

The Share the LOVE is the 2 -3 months Program where you learn to give the 9 initiations and develop your own ways to teach and coach.

The Awakening of Beyond Munay Ki the Praxis of LOVE 

Beyond Munay Ki I contains an Information Class to find your Resonance to this Program and we too have a little Test for your to ensure that you are truly ready to enjoy it all the way.


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