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Welcome to kawsay sonqo academy

The meaning of kawsay sonqo academy is the space and time of the heart.
Illariy is simply the LIGHT. Awakening YOU to Self & a Whole New Collective Consciousness, Connectedness, Vitality, Oneness & Lightness.

Illariy (Un)Learning Journeys 

A Pedagogy of the Heart as inspired by Paolo Freire.
A Space, Time, Spirit and Study of HeartLiving
The (Un)Learning Journey to own and release Conditions & Traps, Constructs &  Labels, Hegemonies & Matrices & Mental Slavery

The (Un)Learning Impacts invoke a courageous state of being  to be authentic, weaving Spirit into your life, expressing and experiencing your Wholeness, your Truths, your Resonance, your Abundance
allowing You to Thrive 

WE are Present to YOU 

We are teaching courses, classes and retreats weaving our gifts, experiences and spirit.

Our offerings include:  Blended Learning, Face2Face, individual and in groups

Beyond Munay Ki 

Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys

Leadership Horizons

Relational Magic

and yet we are always creating new and more – just ask us for our wide range of possibilities.

Find your Turf , your Pulse, your Truths, your Language to be You in your Whole LIFE.
ask for more patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com  or patrick@mysticalbliss.com

In Collaboration Vital IIP (Intentional Integral Praxis) 

We are also offering the 5 Deep Vital Signs Course with  Dr. John Cook.
You can enrol in Course  and we companion your Journey at
Vital IIP (Intentional Integral Practice) at 5 Deep and Dr. John Cook 

email patrick@mysticalbliss.com  or patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com for enrolment or more info

kawsay sonqo academy Illariy (Un)Learning Journeys
with 5 Deep  Intentional Integral Practice 

Exploring Human Social Cultural Behaviour
Discover the Art of what is truly possible.
Join us to dance to the Rhythms and Tone of Livingness & Happiness
Exploring the ‘Hidden’ Realms – expanding your Horizons
With the Sonqos’ Touch, Tune & Rhythms  

A unfolding Journey to a Wholeness beyond You 

More on Intentional Integral Practice

Your Course is your choice of modules and according to You we will make the connections and movements to weave your becoming.

 kawsay sonqo academy creates, conducts and facilitates:

The (Un)Learning Journey at kawsay sonqo academy 

We are also available for Seminars, Keynotes, Inspirational Speaking, BlissTreats & more.

After 20 years of Patrick & Cecie’s Studying & Teaching both in Mystic & Academic Realms, they are now available to design, co-create and facilitate Your Becoming  about kawsay sonqo team

Your may enjoy our:

Beyond Munay Ki: Step into the Livingness 

Munay Ki Praxis

Munay Ki Praxis


Ask us for more

 English and German
patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com  or patrick@mysticalbliss.com 

English and Español
cecie@icloud.com or cecie@mysticalbliss.com 




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