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The meaning of kawsay sonqo academy is the space and time of the heart for courageous New World Dreamers.
Illariy means  LIGHT. Awakening YOU to True Self and a Whole New Collective Consciousness, Connectedness, Vitality, Oneness & Lightness.


Illariy (Un)Learning Journeys 

A Pedagogy of the Heart as inspired by Paolo Freire.
A Space, Time, Spirit and Study of HeartLiving
The (Un)Learning Journey embraces the Conditions & Traps, Constructs &  Labels, Hegemonies & Matrices & Mental Slavery and invokes your personal liberation. 

For YOUR Own or to Share with Others.

WE are Present to YOU 

  Fusion (Un) Learning, Face2Face, individual and groups

Check out where we are and how you can be part of our Programs

Beyond Munay Ki

The 9 Rites from the Q’eros from the Andes in Peru. A journey to you. Munay Ki  means I` love You in Quechua and these imitation take you on a journey to loving yourself and all there is. Check out where we are and how we are teaching it.

Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys

Inspired to Meditate brings Meditation Journeys to you and your life conditions and circumstances. A way to Cope and Flow. A space to connect to your True Self and Potential, our Vitality and Peace within.
We developed a Sonqos’ Simple System includes Chanting & Mantras,  Sound & Shamanic Journeying utilising all benefits Meditation Journeys can weave into your life. We teach our System so you bring peace and relaxation into your whole life. We endeavour to share Sonqos’ Mediation Journeys as Public Events in Universities, Centres and (Y)our Space.
The main focus on Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys is to cope with stress,

Join our events, enjoy our recordings, learn our easy System to enjoy Sonqos’ Mediation Journeys on your own.


or our Apprenticeship 

Weaving Spirit Fusion Apprenticeships
from March 2018 

A calling that has been around for some time. Now it is here the methodology is set, the inspiration clear. Choose from

Coaching & Facilitation 

Learn the Art of Coaching and/or Facilitation The Coaching & Facilitation Apprenticeship can be 100% online.  Weaving Spirit into Coaching & Facilitation usie of ng a range of exiting tools and link to your gifts and application.

Illariy ChakaRuna

The Illariy ChakaRuna Apprenticeships consists of 90%  face2face interactions in form of Journeys and BlissTreats. Available for the Sacred Valley of Peru, Jungle & Beach, Jamaica, Central & South America, Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand, India or Indonesia.

Illariy Meditation Journeys

When you choose  Illariy Meditation Journeys Apprenticeship  you may want to share Meditations & Journeying. Here we share the Art and Bliss of Meditation Journeys. Learn more about our Systems, Yoga & Meditation from different traditions (Kundalini, Tantric & Astanga/Vinyasa), Advaita, Buddhist, Qi Gong,  Mantras & Mudras, Sufi Meditations, Meditative Movement, Mindfulness, Shamanic Journeying, Quantum Jumping, Celestial Journeying, Dreamtime & Lucid Dreaming, Spirit Animals  +++ and you may also learn how to conduct Ceremonies with Meditation. Some events may be at sacred sites to connect to spirit and enjoy activations.

Our Blisstreats & PlayShops  

Yes, we are ready for Silent Retreats, 3 days, 10 days or 17 days. RelationalMagic is going to be offered as 3 day, 11 and 21 day
BlissTreasts and lets see what we come up with for Playshops as we get ready for 2018.
Also Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys will become available as weekend and weekly BlissTreats and Silent Bliss from 3 to 17 days

 Schedule for 2018 is in the Making

Find your Turf , your Pulse, your Truths, your Language to be You in your Whole LIFE.
ask for more patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com  or patrick@mysticalbliss.com or yengasonqo@icloud.com

In Collaboration Vital IIP (Intentional Integral Praxis) 

We are also offering the 5 Deep Vital Signs Course with  Dr. John Cook.
You can enrol in Course  and we companion your Journey at
Vital IIP (Intentional Integral Practice) at 5 Deep and  the late Dr. John Cook 

email patrick@mysticalbliss.com  or patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com for enrolment or more info

kawsay sonqo academy Illariy (Un)Learning Journeys
with 5 Deep  Intentional Integral Practice 

Exploring Human Social Cultural Behaviour
Discover the Art of what is truly possible.
Join us to dance to the Rhythms and Tone of Livingness & Happiness
Exploring the ‘Hidden’ Realms – expanding your Horizons
With the Sonqos’ Touch, Tune & Rhythms  

A unfolding Journey to a Wholeness beyond You
Basking in the Rhythms of the Divine Flow 

More on Intentional Integral Practice

Your Course is your choice of modules and according to You we will make the connections and movements to weave your becoming.

 kawsay sonqo academy creates, conducts and facilitates:

The (Un)Learning Journey at kawsay sonqo academy 

We are also available for Seminars, Keynotes, Inspirational Speaking, BlissTreats & more.

After 20 years of Patrick & Cecie’s Studying & Teaching both in Mystic & Academic Realms, they are now available to design, co-create and facilitate Your Becoming  about kawsay sonqo team

Your may enjoy our:

Beyond Munay Ki: Step into your Becoming & commence Your Role NOW

Munay Ki Praxis

Munay Ki Praxis


Ask us for more

 English and German
patrickcinnamon88@gmail.com  or patrick@mysticalbliss.com 

English and Español
cecie@icloud.com or cecie@mysticalbliss.com 




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