The Whole Physical Experience

Holographic Lenses of Reality: The Whole Physical Experience

How are we looking at Self? A physical body? A Mind? A Soul? A Heart?
We are considered Homo Sapiens – (Wo)Men of the Mind on the journey of becoming Homo Lumionous. (Wo)Men of the LIGHT.

Our physical self is made up of water and amazing natural systems, and cycles designed for vitality and health. We are blessed with emotions – that are like signs to help us feeling look beyond the physical. We have four brains with interesting functions and possibilities and we only use less than 5 %. Is that the mind, fear or lack of courage that keeps us in the prison of limited access or ability? We know about our soul we know about our sacred heart and we tend to ignore or put aside, never mind our spirit.

reflectionsOverall, no matter what we choose to believe our body and human experience is a pretty awesome perfect design of cycles and rhythms, living systems and perfect fine tuned vibrations and harmonies. The question I have today is what are we doing with it?

We feel pain? So we run to the doctor and get a pill. Really most of the time the doctor does not know what the pain is really telling you, they simply give you medication that numbs the pain, some antibiotics and/or cortisone to change the perfect system and give us the impression we are fine.
But, how are you sleeping? How is your digestion? How are you feeling?

What are we really doing? We are not listening to the system? Pain is an alert, the system is feeding back to center. Hey?

Something is out of balance,
Something is not working?
A cycle is broken?
A system has a fault?

Wouldn’t it be great to learn to listen to our body? Really nothing is an accident it’s a highly sophisticated system.
But our mind likes the simple cause and effect – instead of the interconnectedness with all. Our mind dwells in the problems and gets depressed and stressed instead of saying thank you for showing up what can I learn? What is changing? How can we find a dynamix and flow? How can we bring ourselves in the state of perfectly vibration cells? How can we restore or allow new cycles, functions, systems and rhythms?

Fact, most parts of our body are a cycle of rebirthing; birth and death and birth. Our cells are born and die and then we get new ones, this is how the whole system works. Unfortunately, much medication alters this very basic cycle or rhythm. So there is some bad bacteria, an inflammation – we pop antibiotics and cortisone, but really the body is just telling us – feed me, I cant deal with the ‘bad’ bacteria on my own, I need rest, I am tired. Thanks to Pasteur we just kill it all, Chemotherapy is another way of that mindset and view. But again really? We don’t need to kill it all, nature provides us with plenty of herbs and spices, like turmeric and antioxidant rich foods. And now this is interesting – the herbs, spices and food work with our cycles and systems. Strengthen the environment and release naturally what is not needed, including old cells that hold bacteria or cancer and the likes. Fact is, cancer cells are simply cells that stayed too long in body cant discharge, so they turn bad. Tumeric just helps to release them to grow new ones.
Of course, please be aware there is a time for surgery, I am simply stating if we can listen from the very beginning we may not need to go down this path.

Essentially, our body produces healthy new cells with food, water and air.
Physical exercise also supports the health of muscles and bones, and helps activating he flow and Qi, if we choose to do Yoga, Qi Gong or something like this we are supporting the natural systems and cycles.

And then of course, how did we get there? What do we choose to think and feel. What are the decisions we are making from experiences. Subconsciously mostly. But in a busy and noisy life how can we be possibly conscious. When we live in a world that follows and believes what is normal and cultural, our fluoride consumption, heavy metals and much more we simply don’t have time to listen to our perfect body.

broccoli-494754_1280We do have much proof of so much now, hence the power for change and choice. Essentially we are messing up our perfect bodies, emotions and brains with an absolute view of health. The physical obvious, we have very little knowledge about our rhythms and cycles and how to keep them healthy vital. We can be vital sparks of energy and wellbeing.
Ayurveda and other ancient medicine offers far more. Modern veganism and raw food adds another aspect to living in harmony and being harmless to self.

  • When are we ready for a holographic view?
  • When are we awakening to Self and learn to listen?
  • When are we ready to be harmless to self and all there is?

For those of you how are connected to their soul, sacred heart and spirit. When are we embodying our true blueprint and essence, our Whole Self in this physical experience? When can we surrender and release the karma and become Present in the NOW, because really that’s all we have. It may not easy for us to comprehend but we are Whole every moment: Body, Mind, Emotions, Intuition, Soul, Spirit and Sacred Heart.

I often laugh how easy I get trapped and how easy it is to set SELF FREE, when creating recipes for living synchronized to the Rhythms of Living.

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