Rhythms of Light and Life Within

Awakening in our world to a Light YOU

This article addresses what is going on in you, physically, functionally, structurally, energetically, emotionally, vibrational, and mentally and the Space that you are co-creating and supporting both consciously and unconsciously.

Our Environment

Dandelion-CC-1We live in a world of secrets – what is going on behind the scene. The script that writes it all – and YET – there is a Choice of Awakening – Actualization – Enlightenment – for you to name it and claim it. It all begins when we start centering and allow the chemical, electro magnetic, subtle, the magic to find its own rhythms. We can move our vibration beyond, above and outside of the linear control systems of right and wrong, good and bad, separation and duality. This space is free and open for all of us and is simply the Pure LightSource and Force.

This is not outside of Self, it is only outside of the three-dimensional, rational, linear and controlled world we are living in.

It’s a time to wake up – taking note of the manipulation of a system that is linear, static and controlling. We are in a 3 D world with a Duality Matrix that holds us. Simply by the way you live;
Education System – disconnecting us from living in harmony with all there is, flowing a system that is based on competition and linear, reductionist worldview and judgment. We are attached to what we feel is right, vaccination, nine to five jobs, foster care, legal systems, globalization, singular medical system, armed forces fighting who?

Environmental problems, GMO, pollution, water scarcity and private ownership … Really? What bothers YOU? Where are we going? Our mental health is falling apart, every 4th person in the UK has a chemical imbalances, depression, anxiety … We are all stressed – which takes us out of your Center.
We eat food, take pills, drink what makes us sick – diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, nervous breakdowns.

What is going on??? It is not just YOU – it is all of us. And we can make a choice and step out of this Duality Matrix and step into Divine Dynamix, in the flow and at ease with all there is.

Another Way – a New World – are you present

MirandaMoonYou may have heard it’s time for a New World and Cities of Light.
The Time is now – it’s happening, and we are all part of it – if we choose.

Lets look at you – your inside physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, spiritually.

The frequencies and vibrations in living systems create forms and structures in our body and the world. I want to state here this is of our creation and making.
The information is clearly from us – our thoughts, our language, our emotions, our memories through time and space, codes, signatures and really too much to mention. We are in the driver’s seat. This suggests much is conscious, subconscious, superconscious and yes mostly not of our conscious knowing, we act because we are in a matrix in a soup of mental minefields and slavery. How much longer, may I ask?

Everything moves and everything is connected – we are the drop in the sea – and yet we carry all the information.

Background of Understanding

When Pasteur plagiarized Bechamp and led modern medicine on a path of having to destroy ‘bad germs’ we kind of lost the whole picture. Apparently, Pasteur said on his deathbed the germ is nothing the environment is everything. This would be in line with the New Biology of Bruce Lipton and others.
The environment we live in is that of secrecy, separation, judgment and control. It is said your body is a temple – when are you allowing your body to be a temple? Yes, we can co-create a temple of LIGHT within. When are you cleansing your body? Nutrition? When are you stop fighting your living systems within? When will you move your body? When will you clear your mind? When will you connect to YOU? NOW is a great moment, because NOW is really all you ever have.

YOU and your New Reality

Physical Body – imagine you listen to your body, instead of popping pills – imagine your find out what is works for your body? Nutrition – Movement – Structural – Processes – Imagine you are in tune and care for YOU.

Symbolic Body – Mental – Emotional. How is your mind sabotaging you? Do you live in YOUR Truths or in Fear? Is your mind clear or busy? Free or who are you following? Do your thoughts co-create beauty? Do you accept Shadows? Do live in Gratitude and Grace? Do you live in Drama? Are you an emotional wreck or grateful for the signs that your emotions give you? Do you meditate? When was the last time you had spring clean of your mind and got rid of emotions that no longer server you?

Psychic Body – Soul and Sacred heart. What is your Soul? Freud and Jung had some pretty good answers. Really it is up to you – how you feel about your soul. Your soul carries signatures and codes that are not described in the Psychology of psychological testing. Your past and your becoming, an invisible driver. The Sacred Heart is the connection to the Divine, the Pulse of your Divine Passion.
How connected are you? Are you listening? Have you done a Soul Retrieval to understand why you do something 200 times over and over again?? And what contracts you have made to stop yourself from being YOU?

Luminous Body Spirit and Light. What is your connection to spirit? To the oneness and the LIGHT, LightSource, LightForce … Do you meditate to explore this realm of YOU. Do you shine your LIGHT into the World?

We are living in a dynamic perpetually changing world of living systems – how are you connecting? Heavy and dense? Or flowing and playing with the vibrational frequencies of pure LightSource.
Are you in tune with those Rhythms of Light and Life within?

Are you looking at the information that informs frequencies and vibrations within and your environment and are you choosing YOU, in your vibration of pure LIGHT?

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