Are you ready for Bliss-filled Living?

Rhythms of Life: Are you ready for Bliss-filled Living?
Five Recipes towards the Dynamix of Authentic Praxis

Ever wonder what it would be like to Be You, living blissfully? That True, real, playful, connected, peaceful and laughing self that you really long for?

DSC_1422Over the last couple of weeks in some ways I felt my ‘buttons’ more pushed than ever, my sensitivity growing for all the pain in the world. Then it became clear to me, we all need to put our creative potency, gifts & love together to make the change that we are longing for in the world. To watch the news, to complain about the ‘bad’ things is no longer an option. What are YOU doing? How are you changing? What is your contribution? What solutions are you offering? How do you raise the vibration of our planet through dancing, singing, laughing, playing and bliss? How do you live in harmony with nature and all there is?
We don’t change anything by being negative, complaining or getting upset about what people are doing and what is happening.

I am offering five recipes towards the dynamix of authentic Praxis for a Whole YOU and the Wholeness of All there is. I know we can all do it – step by step – moment by moment our actions can create a Whole New World and New reality for all there is.

I love recipes because I like to create delicious life food and yet I do not follow recipes – I allow them to inspire my creativity. This is an invitation for the same – inspiring dynamix for praxis that changes the world and you.
Bring all your positive experiences and your Phronesis (Practical and Sacred Wisdom) and start embodying a life that is real and true to YOU. Dynamix is a spiral process that allows you to evolve and change perpetually.
Imagine your infinite possibilities and your choices are only LOVE and REAL.

The Recipes towards the Dynamix of Authentic Praxis are conscious actions in harmony with all there is for CHANGE and the ability to spiral out into a new reality, a new world that is loving, honouring and free. This is not your Sunday Suit or your Party Dress, these is how you are becoming every moment, every pulse, simply because you can and its your choice. It may change, as you are more conscious. The more you do it – the better you get. Start slowly. What can you do today, this moment to make the difference for you and your world, that we all happen to share with each other and all there is.

And here are the BLISS ingredients and the Filled

beach-731136_1280Ingredient #1 Be AWARE of your ignorance
Its easy to ignore what is happening. Its easy to be numb and numb ourselves to the truths around us. Be aware.
Listen and step in to your power of responding in integrity.
You may hear the suffering, feel the pain or see what is happening? Ignorance makes you sad, depressed, stressed and maybe anxious.
Honor your sensitivity and not numbing yourself. Stop feeding the negativity, fear and anger.
Own your responsibility and step into your role of creating and feeding the positive.
What is the positive opposite of what is happening? Listen and speak, pray, meditate, share and play your part with YOUR HEART. Don’t underestimate your Impact and power.

Ingredient #2 Love differences with compassion
It is so easy to judge and make your views the only ones and absolute. Alas that is not we all have a different reality. Why do you have to prove anything? Don’t be offended that the world is not singular.
Imagine you can see the positive in the difference and offer collaboration and co-creation. Open up to become a weaver of something new in harmony with all living systems.

man-372099_1280Ingredient #3 Ignite the Lover with Peace & Harmony
Don’t fight. You don’t win anything by fighting. Again, you just give it energy. Become the lover of life and bring peace and harmony to all
Notice and observe what you feel and let it go. Become the Lover and ask yourself: What would the lover do?

Ingredient #4 Stabilize the Voice of the Compromised
Wake up and stand up for Your Self and all living systems. Be true and be present.
Imagine you don’t compromise self, your relations, including the plant world, the stones, the animal kingdom, elements – the whole universe? What would it be like?
Imagine anything you do is based on LOVE. Imagine everything you do is integrity with all life, all living systems

happy-man-692795_1280Ingredient #5 Select to believe in Wonder
Don’t loose the Wonder. Life is wondrous. It is a Choice and it is YOURS. When we all start believing and doing it we can create Wonders. Believe it and live it.
Ask the questions, begin the inquiry, play enjoy, sing, dance, connect and listen to the enchanted stories of wonder – there are many.

You are connected to the Selfness, the Oneness, the Godness, the Wholeness Imagine you bask in your beauty in your power to share LOVE. You are the one who offer and share your gifts, your power and your strengths for a New World.
Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you laugh? Do you feel enchanted by the bliss and magic life presents you with?

P1090986Adding Now the Filled
Free to be YOU
Intuitive to
Loving to All Living Systems
Light in mind, heart, spirit and emotions
Embody the change that you
Daring to trust in what you can do

Being You, authentic and real. Accept YOU and LOVE You.
Imagine you have the courage to be and do what you are best at: YOU. Imagine you are a courageous dreamer, dreaming a new world into being.

When start cooking, connecting and weaving every day with your ingredients you maybe surprised what you get and it maybe different every day.

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