A Recipe for Shifting Stress

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A Recipe for Shifting Stress
Five Bouncing Ingredients

Stress? Busyness? Lost? Confused? Lack of Clarity? Negativity? Losing Flow and Clarity?

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lavenderIt is said that stress contributes to much illness, physically, emotionally, mentally and even on psychic level. When we can’t cope, signs show up.
In essence stress is alive and we can use Stress Shifting Dynamix: Accept it – Clear it – Shift it.

In some ways we lose the SHAFT, the Ray of Light that brings clarity, space and time to respond (as in the power to respond to a Whole: emotions, thoughts, energy, words… instead of reacting without considering the Whole)
Stress sets in when the SHAFT fades and the ability to:

• see the bigger picture
• honor and listen to Self
• approach a personal place of peace
• find elegant solutions
• trust the flow of events and the magic of synchronicity.

Most of us are too stressed to even notice. How do you know you are stressed?
Here are eight signs of stress, out of many more.

1. You feel pressured
2. You feel time is against you
3. You react to situations and people
4. Your body feels tired and fatigued
5. You don’t know what to do
6. You compromise self to achieve, compete, please or win
7. You don’t know how to respond and cope
8. You don’t have time for yourself

Some people get stressed before the real event or situation is happening, some people freak out while it all happens and some experience post stress.

The only way you will know your personal experience is by observing. Experts say there is healthy amount of stress. Stress is only healthy when we are able to bounce back in a short period of time and when we have the tools and ingredients to bounce back. This is also called resilience.

We cannot run from stressful situations, no matter how we live – but we can learn to build coping & resilience dynamix to bounce back.

This is a holographic endeavor that involves your physical body with your food and your movement, your symbolic body with your emotions and mind, your psychic body with your soul and sacred heart and your luminous body with your spirit.

There are two aspects to this recipe: Praxis and Using CLEAR Ingredients

Aspect I is the Praxis of Feeding and Moving

What are you feeding and how are you moving (exercising) your physical, symbolic, psychic and luminous body?
This is the simple law of attraction you receive what you put in. Reflect for a moment and consider this. Ask yourself what have I eaten today? What did I drink? How does my body like this? How does it work?
What did I feed my symbolic body with? Look at both the subtle and obvious? How do I feed my psychic and luminous body every day? Negativity? Bad News? Violence? TV, Aggression?

When we have a daily praxis (action with reflection for change), we are entering in a space where we are conscious about the Whole, the holographic self and we are in a way prepared for better choices and the ability to use our SHAFT.
There are different opinions, for me, the physical body loves at least 30 minutes movement every day, as well as conscious breathing. The physical body is made to flow, to flex and to be strong. Yoga, Qi Gong and other practices are perfect.

water1How to move your emotions? Emotions are related to the water element and we all know if water gets stuck it gets bad. In a nutshell its about using emotions as a sign and taking action from there and not holding on to emotions, but allowing their rhythms and flow.

How do you practice your mind to higher levels of thinking, perceiving, change and flexibility? Our thoughts are connected to the element of air. How open are you? How flexible? How can you practice? It’s not just the memory. We have four brains and the memory is just one part.

The movement for the psychic body is connectedness and audacity to dream from this part of self. Our psychic body is connected to the etheric element or light. Meditation is just an exercise for the psychic body and for the luminous it’s the ability to see beyond this physical experience and be in total oneness and harmony with all living systems. This could be your pet, a tree, the sky, the sea…

When we are in a praxis of consciousness, including feeding and moving we are well prepared for STRESS.

Aspect II is using the five CLEAR ingredients for your Shifting Dynamix.

The impact is made and you can now enjoy being YOU, with all the whistles and bells you want to be.

Happy Stress Shifting Dynamix

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