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path-215325_640Welcome to the iWonder Library

Here you will find articles, e-books, some random thoughts and ideas to provoke and invoke and…

As we are building now, drawing from our archives and creating and reimagining, consider this page – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

But of course we carry on like usual, and we will list the available articles here until the work is completed.

In the iWonder Library you find our Blog Themes.

Recipes for Living Rhythms 

A Recipe for Shifting Stress – Daring Recipes for Living Rhythms

Are you ready for Bliss-filled Living? – Five Recipes towards the Dynamix of Authentic Praxis

Seven Potent Cs for Vital Change – A Journey through Space & Time, States & Realities, Dimensions & Horizons

Inquires of Wonder and Holographic Lenses of Reality 

An Inquiry of Wonder Beyond Identity

Rhythms of Light and Life Within – Awakening in our world to a Light YOU

The Whole Physical Experience – Holographic Lenses of Reality


RelationalMagic: The Spirit of LOVE    coming soon


iWonder Library Sounds & Messages

Connectedness  https://soundcloud.com/patrick-cinnamon/connectedness-1

Heart Calling  https://soundcloud.com/patrick-cinnamon/a-heart-calling

Lightness Activation  https://soundcloud.com/patrick-cinnamon/lightness-activation


iWonder Library Pentatonic Sounds by HeartDialouges

Heart Dialogues
by Alberto Necco, Cecie & Yenga Sonqo  

The FIRST RAW  https://soundcloud.com/patrick-cinnamon/sets/heart-dialogues-cecie-hanza



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