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Welcome to Intentional Integral Practice @ kawsay sonqo academy

Are you ready for an Integral Journey?
Intentional Integral Practice I & II

Is coming NOW to you from and Integral Pulse

Intentional Integral Practice @ kawsay sonqo academy is an integral part of Vital Mapping Systems opens your mind, your heart and your spirit.

Great to be on this Journey with Intentional Integral Praxis (IIP I,II) a journey into the Consciousness, Leadership, Organisations, Societies & Communities.

The Course is also an integral part of our Vital Business Facilitator Certification Course..

Find your Turf, your Pulse, your Truths, your Language to be You in your Whole LIFE.

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Intentional Integral Practice @ kawsay sonqo academy  Background

In 2012, after graduating from the Intentional Integral Practice we are integrating and synchronising Spiral Dynamix (our version) into our whole life.

Dr. John Cook is the creator of the course brings together with Christopher Cooke much experience and research to the Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory.

Who would benefit from Intentional Integral Practice @ kawsay sonqo academy?

Leaders & Executives
Intuitive & Creative Entrepreneurs
Marketing and Audience Experts
Educators & Facilitator
Consultants & Coaches
anyone who is interested in Change, World, Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory

The 5 Deep Testing is also very interesting and you will enjoy this during the course.

What would inspire you to do Intentional Integral Practice? 

You would like to add another angle to your current world of expertise, one that

  • easily blends with other ideas and praxis
  • helps understanding your audience or market, your clients or your team, your organisation, your community
  • understanding the language of different levels of consciousness
  • and speak your own language of consciousness
  • helps you to dance through change
  • inspires your leadership and self understanding
  • gives you deep insights in the people you work with, the organisation, the country, the world
  • gives you an understanding of behaviour, change, culture and consciousness in different vMemes

Exploring Human Social Cultural Behaviour
Discover the Art of what is truly possible.
Join us to dance to the Rhythms and Tone of Livingness & Happiness
Exploring the ‘Hidden’ Realms – expanding your Horizons

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Our own courses are coming along too.

Vital Mapping Systems and our areas of

  • The Vital I & I (Self Expression)
  • RelationslMagic (Dynamix of Vital Relations)
  • Vitalix Leadership (Bold Leadershipo for Wholeness)
  • Cosmic Vitalonomics (Consciousness for All Living Systems)






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