Inspired to Meditate with Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys 

Ready for Inspired to Meditate with Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys? 

When you enter the Worlds of Inspired to Meditation with Sonqos’ Mediation Journeys you will find your connection with with Mantras & Yoga, a range of Meditation Techniques, Shamanic Journeying and most of ALL you will find YOU. 

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Inspired to Meditate

Inspired to Meditate

Enjoy with us the Benefits of Mantras, Meditation, Journeying & Pentatonic
Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys

What is Inspired to Meditate?
Meditation Systems to inspire you to meditate, be in communion with spirit Your Way.

We engage particularly with individuals and groups that are interested in the following themes:




Our Main Themes for Meditation Journeys in Experience, BlissTreats are:




Making Friends with Stress.
Vital Potentiality & Conflict Buster

Graceful Thriving from the Heart

Torus Activations
Chakana Rising
Fractal Activations



Enjoy the experience, Lightness Wholeness of Being

Inspired to Meditate can come to you in many ways. Simply enjoy and stay tuned.

Enjoy our Meditation Journeys and more on our YouTube Channel and please subscribe

One of our Systems,  Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys take you through the those stages

The generic Technique for Sonqos’ Mediation Journeys:

Tune in with a Mantra to the theme and the meaning of the Mantra

Link up to your Choice (Exquisiteness) and Wholeness

Lift up as you allow your potential, power and possibilities

Bless up as give gratitude to your experiences

Sync in to bring it all your BEING, revitalise, regenerate and relax as you allow the new into your Choices, Presence and your Whole LIFE

and here is the first one ….



Program we have designed for you to enjoy deep and powerful mediation journeys. We share these meditation journeys here, on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and others.

How to experience Inspired to Meditate: Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys? 

WE can come to YOU or You to us. 

to your workplace, university, a public or private place in Peru.
20 to 200 participants
Join us in Sonqos’ Meditation Journey are 20-45 Minutes long
and simply donate, so we can keep on traveling and sharig

You take a break, connect and make a difference for You and our World

Weekend Courses and Silent Retreats.

What are Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys? 

Intuitive, unique meditation journeys that come only once.  Every Meditation journey tunes in to You.
We have designed techniques and systems for you to enjoy deep and powerful meditation states to revitalise, release and find new ways to be YOU.

Our Praxis  shamanic journeying, yoga meditations, mantras & chants, multi-dimensional journeying, quantum jumping with our instruments and voices.

Let us invoke Pathways & Praxis for audacious HeartLiving and the Change we want to see in the World.

We are happy to share our Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys with you and take you into a space of PEACE, CHOICE, STRENGTHS, TRUTHS and VITALITY.

Enjoy the benefits and impacts of meditative states in delta through our pentatonic instruments and voices. Let the magic take you into YOUR place of Resilience, Transformation and Creativity

Join us to create a project to reach more, make more impact for YOU and our world. We have

Let us take you to place inside of you to awaken your potential, your passion, your playfulness, your prosperity and your power to cope and dance with your life, as a Teacher or Student, a Government employee or Development Expert.

We have chosen You because we grew and shine with you and because its time to Linkup and Liftup the World through Education, Governance & Development. Lets do this together.

Or join our Meditation Journey Courses or Silent Retreats

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