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Chakana by Cecie H. Sonqo

Welcome to Illariy Vibrations & Visions

Enjoy the space of Illariy Vibrations & Visions – a space of LIGHT (Illariy in Quechua).

Illariy Vibrationen in Deutsch 

We are following a call to co-create and share a Space of Possibilities, Potentiality, Passion, Playfulness, Presence, Peace & Power through our Vibrations (Sound) and Visions. 

For NOW we are preparing a project to SHARE our Vibrations by recording for You to illuminate your Consciousness, empower your Resilience, inspire your Creativity, see Clarity.

Illariy Vibrations & Visions are HERE.
Be prepared for Transformation through
Inspiration – Invocation – Support and New Praxis. 

From our Series Inspired to Share

Illariy Visions

lllariy Paintings of Spirit Animals, Mandalas, Chakanas, Sacred Space  & Sacred Inspiration      by Cecie H. Sonqo
Cecie usually paints by request. Each Painting is infused with pentatonic sound to enhance the frequency. Sorry we don’t publish Client’s Collection of Cecie’s Work.
Spirit Animals like Dolphins, Polar Bears, Humming Birds, Phoenix, Unicorns and more,
Mandalas to inspire and invoke positivity, joy, love, change +++ in your home. Usually, the Mandalas are in aquarelle.
Sacred Inspirations like the Chakana, Sacred Geometry, Goddesses etc.

Tree of Transformation and Magic Private Collection

Imagine You CAN by Cecie H. Sonqo

Much in Pastel, often Aquarelle for Mandalas,  available on canvas or paper, depending on size an order.

Cecie’s Art comes to you in 3 Versions

  1. the original
  2. a digital version with a personal sound activation
  3. a digital version (in process as we are preparing the technology)

Original from Euro/US $ 88  plus shipping to you
Digital Versions with personal Sound Activation Euro/US 29

Illariy Vibrations
by Patrick A. Sonqo  & Cecie H. Sonqo  

here a few samples Samples for Illariy Vibrations

A Collection of 3 Journeys inspired by your needs and energy Euro/US $ 38
A Collection of 6 Journeys inspired by your needs and energy Euro/US $ 74

Illariy Writings & Stories   inspirations by the Sonqos
by Patrick A. Sonqo (Patrick Alexander) illustrated by Cecie H. Sonqo

here some writing samples  Chakana Blog      and  Facebook   Poems  Yenga Sonqo FB with Illairy Poetry  Mostly for free

Let us surprise you      Contact us for Your Personal Order or


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