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One of our engagements has been with the Celestial Council of HeartLights 

Please find here some activations and more.

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From our Heartlight Work we are sharing the five major Activations with journeys (meditative states) to the Council of Heartlights, activating your LightPulse
in your Sacred Heart.
HeartLight Activations with Journeys to the Council of Heartlights 
LightPulse Activation in Sacred Heart to
  1. Your Divine Self    (Free)  Heartlight Activiation
  2. The DIVINE – Pure LIGHT – Pure LOVE – Pure Existence – Pure Consciousness   (Free)
  3. Your as the Divine Instrument
  4. Your Divine Pure Intent and ZealQuest
  5. Your Divine Expression

With the activations you receive other gifts, insights and guidance directly from the Council of Heartlights

Others journeys and activations 

HeartDialogues by Yenga & Cecie Sonqo & Alberto Necco


Mystically Blissful HeartSharings this is where we share activations and other gifts.

along witht messages from St Gemain, Maitraya, Serapis Bay, Yemanya, Ixchell, Kumaras and Spirit Animals.


October 2013


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