Testimonials in English

Testimonials in English

We hope our clients give you some ideas what happens when you are engaging with us.

Elsa  New York, New York 



Jason  US


“I have to admit I was hesitant .I was going through a challenging time and figured I had nothing to loose.

Patrick has encouraged me to believe in myself strengthen my self esteem and live positively, never entertaining a negative thought. I’ve learned to embrace change and move forward positively while acknowledging my many blessings and living the life we are meant to enjoy.

Patrick’s on going support is very reassuring and comforting (almost  daily). I consider this experience one of my many blessings.”

Tanya K.

My sessions with Patrick are always hugely enjoyable, fun, insightful and blissful!

Patrick’s unique and easy style creates a solid platform for deep and meaningful conversation from which many revelations and breakthroughs have simply popped though for me.

This has enabled me to heal some old issues quickly and life has become even more blissful!!

Thank you Patrick, much appreciation and gratitude always.

Pamela, Auckland, NZ

Thank you, thank you – it has been an amazing few days.  I have played the activation over the last few days and WOW!
I waited for the 31st which was the Black Moon, very powerful for the first activation session:
I felt myself soaring to a light filled temple which resonated with love.
Calmness and the sensation of coming “home” settled within me and soothed me.
As you played your flute to assist the activation energy from Source filled me and my body began to vibrate.  This was assisting in the release and clearing of fear and the illusion of failure.  Replacing these feelings with connectedness and oneness, the thread of knowledge through time of what I was and am and will be – imprinted into my DNA.
As you spoke Light Language heat began to pulsate from my hands and moved up my arms, all my chakra centres began to pulsate with heat and light.

Blessings to you, and I am humbled and honoured from your gift.

Love and light
Bronwynn xxx NZ


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