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Welcome to Resonance Check  

We believe the Resonance Check is crucial for our engagement.
Not sure? Both you and us if we can make the impact? We engage in a short dialogue dialogue of up to 15 minutes to make the choice together

We offer Resonance Check for our endeavours and engagements with you

Kawsay Academy Offerings
Conscious Mapping Sessions, Packages & Programs
Mystic Clearings & Blessings
Conscious Business & Projects

 Resonance with our General Background and Journey

Cecie and Yenga weaving the their four Pillars into their Conscious Mapping Systems: Mystic Connectedness & Praxis, Vital Living & Consciousness, Vibrations of Light and Rhythms of LOVE. More than 20 years of conscious awakening and praxis:

Crystal Healing & Tarot
Celestine Prophesy Studies
Celestial Light Language & Chanting
Meditation. Mantras, Sound & Shamanic Journeying
Pentatonic Sound & Music
Spirit & Energy Clearing
Integral Praxis & Spiral Dynamics
Emotional Intelligence & Heart Intelligence
Delta and Multi Consciousness Healing Arts
Ethical & Spirit Development
Range of Vibrational Healing Arts
Higher Education (together more than 10 years of university teaching & research)
Spirit Animals & Spirit Medicine
Practical Mystic & Paq’o
Transactional Dynamix (Analysis)
Belbin Team Roles
Neo-systemic CoachingLiving Systems
Appreciative Inquiry
Philosophy, Anthropology & Psychology
Cultural Studies, Communication & Language
Yoga Praxis
Plant-based Nourishment

Resonance Check with our MysticalBliss Creations:

Over the last 2 years Patrick begun to work his own magic using his background, spirit guidance and more:

Conscious Mapping Systems
Chakana Rising (Multi-dimensional Awakening)
Illariy ChakaRuna
MysticalBliss Medicine
Ethical Growth & Prosperity
Language of the Heart
Vital Living
Conscious Projects
Art: Mandalas, Spirit Animals +++
Make Stress Your Ally, Tune in to You, RelationalMagic
Spirit and Spirit Animal Whisper
Animal Communication
Congruent Praxis in Ayni, Love & Gratitude
LightRhythms & Shadow Dance
Mystic Activations, Sacred Sound & Music
Clearings and Blessings: 8 Step Program
Writing (most of the blogs, poems, guidebooks on this page are written by him)

Resonance with Patrick (Yenga) and Cecie Sonqo (Hanza)

Ensuring the enchantment stays here at MysticalBliss. She heads the kawsay sonqo productions, is the Artist, including mandalas, and ensuring excellence, promotions, service, while teaching all course together with Yenga.

Cecie is a highly intuitive and firm in her impact, bringing clear revelations and realisations as  with clients in privates, including space clearings and illuminations with Yenga. Breaking mind sets and stepping into a space of Freedom.

Gifted in her Smoke Readings and Clearings, Arts, Alchemy and much more.

Cecie is also the Artist and Alchemist at MysticalBliss. Arts, Photography, Craft as well as Pentatonic Sounds, Journeys and Meditation, playing singing bowls, the Kalimba and drums together with Yenga is her domain. Cecie is also the Spanish Voice at MysticalBliss.

Resonance with other MysticalBliss Catalysts and Co-CreatorsFay at home - Feb. 2016 Modified

Fay Allison  here she is.  She has been a principal most of her life. One of a kind, a leader and icon in primary education in Jamaica, exposing her students to the world and international space.  A inspiring pioneer in Environmental Action, and emotional intelligence and other alternative practices in her school environment. During that time she was also instrumental in innovative and creative ways to accompany and assist special needs children on their way to life. A series of illnesses took Fay Allison out of her c
areer, and as she is coping and revitalising she has continued learning Angel Reiki, Tapping and a range of other Techniques.

Fay Allison is also part of the Executive Team inspiring and sharing her leadership and academic knowledge. 

Her expertise is Grief  and Loss Counselling, Career Planning and Development, Education Advise for Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals.

Fay Allison is an exquisite Educator with an amazing background of extraordinary success; as pioneer, a creator of the Impossible.  Leading change, from the heart. Courageous and inspired dedicated and loving.

Fay Allison is available for a range of education projects with children and adults, with music, laughter, wellbeing and Vital Living concepts and praxis.  You will fined an astute intuitive and inquiring mind and heart in Fay Allison to guide your safely to the next step. She can also inspire your journey when facing long term illnesses.
She truly brings the Whole together exploring all aspects of living and being.
A Soul Mentor, a Grief and Gratitude Counsellor, Vitalyst & Catalyst,  A Teacher to mention just a few of her specialties.

Fay Allison is also a sought after Reviewer of many eBooks on Amazon.

Fay Allison on LinkedIn

And here comes Reynu, again with many years of training at MysticalBliss.  FullSizeRender

Reynu is a fine teacher by training and taught for many years in Jamaica. She qualified with us a Sonqonist in 2015 and it now ready for her first client interactions. Trinidadian by Birth with a passion for liming and dancing.

Reynu practices the Munay Ki and is close to her certification to teach.

When you engage with Reynu it will be most likely inquiries around how to get OUT of abuse, regrets, revenge, ancestral baggage or being the black sheep in the family. In addition You can get sound advice and guidance on academic careers. Her techniques are based in deep compassion and the ability to return to love. The teacher in Reynu provokes you on a new path and Choice Points you did not even imagine you had. Reynu will use the Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz and Radical Inspiring Gratitude Techniques to help you shift.

A Coaching Catalyst, a Teacher and a Writer, enjoy your Interactions.  

Watch for more   Josephine Clarke, Andrea Melzer and Iskra Lewis.

Contact Cecie for more information and bookings. 
We are always open for a dialogue to find the BEST Way for YOU
Let your heart make the Choice.

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