Our Vital Map

Welcome to Our Vital Map 

Our Vital Map is based in generous giving and receiving in Ayni.

We are independent individuals engaging with individuals and couples.
We are based in Peru and travel and share our Experiences & Services in Germany, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and Bali,
online everywhere 

Our Experiences & Services are:

 We are offering our Vital Mapping Systems
Change Journeys at our Chakana Impact Studio
(Un)Learning Journeys at kawsay sonqo academy
Illariy HeartArt

We are available in a physical, virtual and multidimensional space

Vital Mapping Systems are here to bring Vitality to all Living Systems

Awakening Wholeness, Livingness, Abundance and Freedom through Adaptation Systems to Social, Cultural and Personal Life Conditions

We engage with LESS – 3 to 4 Change Journeys at a Time

We don’t make numbers we make change

We bring All of us to All of YOU

We are on our own journey integrated, synchronising and actualising our dynamix

Vast and varied education, qualifications, experience, teaching and guidance by spirit
Mystic Schools including Shamanic
Healing Arts including Sound, Yoga, Celestial & Cosmic, Vibrational +++
Language & Culture
Living Systems & Arts
Philosophy & Psychology
Quantum Physics & LOVE

The Keys  

Please notice all of our information is ORIGINAL – produced by MysticalBliss, inspired by our dedication, learnings and guidance.

Our Mission

We are present as Catalysts, Companions, Mystics, Artists and Teachers
Here to create a Space for Thriving through Change  

Congruent Choices for Conscious Connectedness with All there IS 

OUR PRAXIS is our Presence

All that we share comes from the Heart
born by pure Light, intuitive and free
to find its way to the Mastery and Art of LOVE
In all there is, all Living Systems
Our Praxis is the Philosophy in Kawsay 
We share with the ancient wisdom of the Q’ero, Toltec and Kahuna
and Celestial Lineages of Light 

We embody our Philosophy

Inspiring and Provoking the Dynamix of Wholeness and Connectedness
 concurrent in all Parts and Whole of the Living Systems, Fields
and Holon(s)

light-579290_640Living Systems as free and vital parts and wholes. Holons, Firing and Wiring, Balancing and Flowing, Creating and Aligning a SPACE for LOVE.

The Impact

We engage in Time, Space and all the connected Energy, Vibrations and Field involved.
When let go of attachments, addictions and fear
we enter a space of  Freedom. Choice. Abundance  Power. Passion. Praxis  and CARE.
As the space transcends to Kawsay where time and space no longer hold, but the weaving of all
that moves, connects and change becomes clear
and real life is truly near.

Join us when you make Praxis, Philosophy and Kawsay of YOUR Own 


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