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About gives you some insights ABOUT who we are (becoming), what we do  and how we share our calling & gifts


We are the Sonqos. Cecie & Patrick (Yenga)
SonqoPreneurs creating endeavours from the Heart 

What we do?

We are the Chief Imagineers & Catalysts, creating programs & endeavours that lift up and shift heavy, dense, tense and busy situations, traps and malware through a quantum space & time. We are engaging in the Sub/UnConscious lives to clear, delete & illuminate.

We are here to shift Stress, Pain and ConflictPOINTS into ChoicePOINTS into lightness through simple techniques and systems:

Inspired to Meditate: Sonqos’ Meditation Journeys
(Digital Products like Paintings & Pentatonic Explorations & Language)
Ceremonies & Blessings
Private Engagements for Personal, Relational & Professional Traps, Conflict, Stress and Change.

How we work? 

We enable you to embrace and own your past, enjoy your Presence & Potential to co-create Your becoming courageously, harmless and conscious for all living systems.

Who and what do we work with? 

Kumaras, Cosmic Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Sacred Space, Chakana, Torus, Beings & Councils of Light. Our Concepts are based in Spirit Dynamics, Appreciative Inquiry, Transactional Dynamix (Analysis), Quantum Physics, Emotional Intelligence, Ethical Development, Illariy ChakaRuna (Men & Women as Light Bridge), Munay Ki, Mesa, Indigenous Wisdom & Teachings, Path of the Paqo & Layka, Medicine Wheel, Mantras, Yoga Systems, Mantras, Sacred Sound, Creative & Intuitive Mind, Imagination, Ho’oponopono, Four Agreements, Soul Retrieval, Crystal Healing, Divinity Cards & Sacred Tarot, Leadership, Integral Praxis, Belbin Team Roles +++

What inspires us?

To share and invoke ‘higher vibrations’ and Vital Wholeness in and for ALL. Invoking easy ways to feel difference and impact. Living in a conscious planet in sacred union and Ayni with the EARTH and the Whole Universe.

What we are dedicated to?
Spirit, Making Space for Change, Transformation & Awakening. We are Companions, Catalysts, Spirit Whisperers, Mystics, Yogis and Illariy ChakaRuna (LightBridges into a New World)

How we engage and share?
WE are available face2face, virtual and remote 

check our YouTube Channel and last Meditation Journey SMILE


Our Sacred Medicine is

Sound, Smoke, Spirit & Stones

Want to know more? Sonqos’ Story

    We speak your language:  English, Español and Deutsch

Mystical bliss Basking in the Light

Basking in the Light

About our  Team

Cecie & Patrick Alexander (Yenga Sonqo)  
Founders, Chief Imagineers,  Programme Directors, Catalysts, Companions & Facilitator
for all occasions of change & transformation individually & Whole Living Systems

Sebastian Ferreira Hanza
Community Co-ordinator  and Apprentice 
Sebastian has just joined the team a young, creative and
enthusiastic Communication  & Marketing Student.


Fay Allison Rodgers  Fay Rodgers on linkedin
Eclectic Educator and Counsel Career, Grief, Children, Innovation & Sustainability Projects
Coaching Catalyst 


Conscious MapShifting



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