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We are the Sonqos. Cecie & Patrick (Yenga)
Thriving from the Heart
Chief Imagineers & Catalysts at MysticalBliss

What we do?

We embrace Vital Sign(al)s from a Heart Consciousness
We open Pathways, Praxis & Choice to Vital Wholeness in a Sovereign Self
We inspire True Self Expression & Potential from 

How we work? 

From a place of Wholeness and Truths within

Who and what do we work with? 

Our eclectic Sources and/or Qualifications & Sovereign Praxis:

Education, (Un)Learning, Positive Psychology Yoga. Advaita, Appreciative Inquiry, True Self, Spiral dynamics. 5 deep Vital Signs, Emotional intelligence, Qi Gong Resilience, Ethical Development, Leadership, Innovation, Imagination, Happiness, Mindfulness, Soul Retrieval, Cultural Competence, Semiotics. Hermeneutics Dialectics. Dialogue, Potential, Communication, Psychology, Philosophy, Shamanism, Spirit, Munay Ki, Kundalini Yoga. Breathing. Plant Based food, Belbin Team Roles, IAP2, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Organic Food & Growing, Conscious Living. Multi-Dimensionality, Ho’oponpono, Living Systems, Self-Efficacy, Mantras, Spirit Animals, Pentatonic Instruments, Quantum Field, Monochord, Sansula, Shamanic Flutes, Shamanic Drums, Voice, Nature, Free Energy, Cosmic Activations & Invocations, Water, Psychic, Spirit Tracking, Inspiration, Intuition, Oracle Cards

What inspires us?

To invoke the liberation to True Sovereign Self within.
To awaken Vital Wholeness for All Living Systems.
To remember, reconnect and surrender to True Self.

What we are dedicated to?
True Self, Spirit, Making Space for Change, Transformation & Awakening.

How we engage and share?

WE are available Virtual, remote and face2face. 

check our YouTube Channel and last Meditation Journey SMILE


Our Sacred Medicine is

Sacredness, Serenity, Synchronicity, Sound, Smoke, Spirit & Stones

Want to know more? Sonqos’ Story

    We speak your language:  English, Español and Deutsch

Mystical bliss Basking in the Light

Basking in the Light

About our  Team

Sebastian Ferreira Hanza
Community Co-ordinator  and Apprentice 
Sebastian has just joined the team a young, creative and
enthusiastic Communication  & Marketing Student.


Fay Allison Rodgers  Fay Rodgers on linkedin
Eclectic Educator and Counsel Career, Grief, Children, Innovation & Sustainability Projects
Coaching Catalyst 


Conscious MapShifting



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