• Updating You

    Updating You

    Updating to YOU

    Updating to YOU

    Ever wonder what it would be like that new version of YOU? When you make the choice of Updating YOU, you are in for an adventure and yet  the only way to be.

    Now is the time to find and be that new version of You. The world seems to be in a ever confusing and self destructive way to separate from a truths that is all around us: Connectedness, Peace and LOVE, Abundance, Joy and Togetherness. We are fooled by the games of a matrix that nears its end. We are held by the fears of war, refugees, terror and a hegemony that separate us from self actualisation, self love and truths. The density and heaviness have captured our ability to imagine to freely choose our bliss and the wonder of Living.

    And yet there is the NEW. A new Consciousness, a new sense of belonging, communities, awakening, recognition of living systems. Many are telling us about this new world that we are possibly just not able to see. What does it mean to see? To sense it? To experience it?

    Maybe it is to simply believe and trust. To flex and flow, to know our strengths and choices and the dream that we are dreaming into being. Maybe the power within, the sacred heart that is opening and beckoning, is the awaking the Divine within. No longer subject to the Authorities, the politics, the banks, the media, the armies, the corporate world or mainstream and popular spirituality and knowledge. But time for YOU and Your Divinity.

    We are living in a time to be real, a time to realise and actualise who we truly are. A time of congruence, resonance, courage and wholeness. A single aspect, a symptom, right or wrong or good and bad are no longer sufficient. No longer can we hide behind Religion, Politics, Communities or our cars, our jobs or self importance. When we are not real and congruent it shows – be what you say you are, eat it, feel it, live it and move it.

    What happens when you embark on Updating You?

    When you are updating You, you are re-aligning, re-assembling, re-assimilating, re-synchronising and re-vitalising. Back into the old spaces and yet  in a new space. A space, time and energy of the sacred Heart. You are allowing yourself to be in this new Heart Energy, in Joy, Trust, Bliss, Vitality and Abundance in all ways.

    When you are updating You, you fully connect to all that you are in a bigger space, a higher frequency, a pure light and in pure love. You become you in all your light, strengths and flexibility.

    How is Updating You possible ?


    There may be many ways to experience this and really its is a rather authentic journey. Not the journey of the seeker. It is a journey of resonance and courage. Trusting in your Truths and Guidance, the author within you, the authority that is your divine self.

    Three things resonate with me, I am inviting you to find your own or find your personal in mine.



    • Accepting  who we are, both sides in all our duality. 
    • Liberating our prisoner, refugee and slave from judgments, sufferings and pain. 
    • Trusting the Updated You and embracing the praxis to the becoming what we can imagine to BE. 

    You may journey, you may meditate, you may just find time and space in YOU.

    You accept all that you know, that you suffer, experience, resent, and ignore. Observing what pushes your buttons and let go. You embrace it and you simply observe how your senses are responding. What triggers you? And then imagine yourself as a cocoon, ready to release the old and fly as this beautiful butterfly.

    You may seek external help as it is not always easy for us, not because we need details and all whys. However, and inquiry is necessary to find the connections and loops that unfold the web of your SELF.

    Accepting the Synchronicity and Serendipity without assumptions, expectations and separation will lead.

    Let go the prisoner and slave, dissolve the contracts and punishments and liberate what holds you back, what reoccurs, what has been with you for a long time. In many cases, you may need assistance, and when you do so be aware it may not be just one, and you may not always get what you think it is.  But yet, all you do takes you where you need to be. Everyone has different gifts, and when used in congruence and love it will be part of your Updating path. So, in the end the refugee comes home, a new or old home, but home to the Updated Self, that does not pretend to be the old.

    This is really all yoursNo one can trust for you. No one can live your life, or eat what you eat, feed your mind, your emotions, your soul, your sacred heart and your spirit. Trusting in all the fields that make you and in your becoming of the luminous one. You are the one who is trusting to transform from the homo sapien, men and women of the mind into men and women of the Light and Heart. It is you you have been waiting for.

    When you are no longer addicted or attached to what is not yours and what brings disharmony and harm to your Self and all living systems you know you are Updating to a frequency and beauty of a Whole New World. This is the time when you know that truths means living  in oneness, love and wonder.

    Where to do the Updated ones go?
    See you on the is journey, knowing there are many Updated Ones. Many who have the courage to break free from a Matrix that is dead.   You are now returning to LIFE, to LOVE in Harmony with all Living Systems. Yes, it is time, yes much damage has been done and yet that too is ok. The Time for Updating not only ourselves but our ways to live, to love, to nurture to be part of nature. It is time to observe our wonderful planet and the stars NOW. While some damage can not be repaired, much can be healed and emancipated from the slavery and abuse.


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