• Ready for the Calling of Your Heart?

    Ready for the Calling of Your Heart?  

    It is now that our Message is clear about the Calling from the Heart.
    A Message from Cecie & Patrick for September 2016

    Vitalix Chakana Systems

    We are living in a time of change, chaos and consciousness. The decisions have been made the dialogue is how to live in Ayni, in Munay and in Congruence with our Truths.

    MysticalBliss is a Haven for Truths, Munay & Ayni. We are inviting you to bask in Kawsay Sonqo. enjoying your time, space and energy of Your HEART.


    Conscious MapShifting

    We are inspired and asked to share the messages and guidance we are receiving for this time and to make it known to you.

    More than ever Gratitude and Trust are the KEY to ‘surviving’ the turbulence and chaos of this time. The world is no longer what you felt it was. We are hear to clear our lineages, our ancestors and our OWN. The privilege to deny, escape or hide in busyness & ignorance has long ceased. WE are here to take our ROLE of living. Its time to accept even what hurts, annoys or upsets us most, there is no more time to be stuck, excused or stopped. We are living in the Time of Kawsay Sonqo – the space, the time and energy to rise into the highest vibration of LIGHT, LightSource, LightPower & LightLove. IF you here the calling – please RESPOND.

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    We are flowing our Path and our Calling. We intensified our Praxis of Ayni & Yoga Praxis, Plant based and living food, meditation and journeying, based in a Shamanic Paths Inka, Kahuna, Toltec, Maori & Cosmic Lineages of Light and Spirit Animals. We are Illariy ChakaRuna (a man and woman as the bridge of light in to a new world) & Paq’os (Spirit Medicine People)

    We are here to accompany those who how are ready for the SHIFT into a Whole NEW World, Consciousness & Path of Munay, Ayni, Compassion & Freedom

    Our role becomes crystal clear as

    Illariy Chakaruna the Light Bridges into a New World,

    Messengers of the Cosmic Lineages of Light

    Teaching, Clearing, ReVitalizing, Shifting & Activating

    Individually and Collectively.


    In Light of our Guidance this is what we are sharing at this time. Currently we are in Germany, by request in Europe for teachings and online internationally

    We are called to share this with you so that you may hear your resonance & truths engaging with us at this time.


    Teachings from the Kawsay Sonqo Academy

    Munay Ki the 9 Rites of the Q’ero

    Living Consciousness Circles in Germany

    LightRhythms with Spirit Animals




    Private Sessions & Packages from the Phoenix Impact Studio

    Conscious Mapping Systems

    Companion & Mirroring Meetings

    Clearing and Dissolving Ceremonies

    Activations & Deactivations for Free Souls & Sacred Hearts in Human Experiences

    Couples & Relational Insights & Evolution

    Intuitive Guidance & Mentoring for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Imagineers

    MapShifting Sessions

    Living Truths Sessions: Meet Your Power, Your Presence & Playfulness


    Spirit Animal Journeys & Awakening

    Shamanic Tracking, Cards & Cosmic Guidance

     From Monday to Wednesday we see up to 7 clients for Private Sessions both face2face and online

    Want to know more???? ASK

    patrick@mysticalbliss.com or Cecie@mysticalbliss.com

    for Whatsup +51994918969

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