• Vital Living: Making Stress Your Ally

    Exploring Vital Living: Making Stress Your Ally

    By Patrick Alexander (Yenga Sonqo)


    A few days ago, I shared the Sacred Space for you from our Mystic Pillar, today I am inviting your into the space of Vital Living and Making Stress your Ally.

    If you have read about the Sacred Space, I was sharing our praxis of opening sacred space and begin the day with Gratitude.

    My Journey

    In my journey of Life through many countries, careers, studies, relationships and experiences I found that stress was more a fear factor then an Ally.

    When I heard the TED Talk ‘Make Stress your Friend’ by Kelly McGonigal it became very clear to me – I had fought stress too.

    Make Stress your Friend     Please watch Kelly McGonigal’s talk if you have not already.

    While working in the healing arts for many years, meditating and journeying regularly I was so sure I am not stressed. I came to understand I still stress, and in some ways stress was my enemy. I was so cool, easy going, relaxed and composed to avoid stress. I felt my praxis of meditation, connectedness with nature and the mystic realms kept stress away.

    And more importantly, I surely felt stress was something bad, I needed to avoid. Yes, and this relationship had persisted for many years. I felt I needed to avoid and ignore stress.

    What is your relationship with Stress? For most of us there are things in life that stress us, push our buttons, create a reaction instead of response or simply annoy us. In some ways we try to be ‘healthy’ away from dis-ease and sickness and yet, today we know most illnesses and dis-ease are stress related. In a recent article Dr. Mercola referred to the connected between stress and depression, and yet there are too many articles and findings to mention.

    Stress and Vital Living

    Our relationship with stress determines how we experience it and how we truly manage it.

    We can fight stress and to be healthy and we can accept stress and be vital.

    What does that mean you may ask?

    When we are healthy we are in some ways in fear of sickness, while being vital is being alive and shine in your best light.

    When we fight and fear something like stress we are trying to avoid, ignore, prevent and control and that means plenty energy is going into it and really the pressure is increasing.

    When we choose to be vital we accept stress and set it free. We are focusing on the acceptance, coping & bouncing and letting go

    So, where would you like to be with stress???? Healthy or Vital.

    Vital Waterfall

    Expression of Vitality
    by Yenga Sonqo (Patrick Alexander)


    Vital Living: Making Stress Your Ally as our Vital Pillar Course

    When we decided to make Stress our Vital Pillar Course is was inspiring. Just imagine you are able to accept Stress and it becomes part of your vitality.

    Our Course consists of the following dimensions.


    Potent Presence

    learn to be You, to be hear, to relax, the magic of being Present, Your PRESENCE and your choice of Presentness.

    Vital Resilience

    connect back to YOU, get your choices back, stress, money, relations, life, career

    Resonance of Bounty

    Vibrate at your frequencies and truths. Listening to Your ways of coping and flowing

    Rewiring to your Vibration

    et go of all that stops your from your Map to Vitality, Abundance & Choice

    Vital Mastery of Choice

    The Dynamic

    Our Praxis and gift to you

    After opening our sacred space we are allowing the shadows and the mirrors to enter and what stresses us. We accept and embrace it and we are fully present. We then step into our Presence to fully embrace this acceptance and consciously choose how do interact, ready to see the mirror and shadow work that presents itself.

    We bask in Gratitude and imagine what can be.

    See you there in Vital Living and Making Stress your Ally.  Feel free to ask more

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