• Mystic Waves are blowing in Sacred Space

    Mystic Waves are blowing in Sacred Space

    I hear Bob Marley sing!

     Mystic Waves are blowing, do you ever wonder? Does it mean it is there? Are the Mystic Waves calling you? Are you the Mystic Waves?

    Are you an observer? Are you ignoring it? Are you present to it? Are you filling the Mystic Waves with your Presence? Are you playing your role in the Presentness of Mystic Waves?

    The Chakana helps us to enter the Sacred Space through all dimensions and realities.

    Mystic is one of our Pillars at MysticalBliss

    How we live and engage! How we encounter our world and the world and the world of spirit!

    How we create and imagine!

    Vitalix Chakana Systems

    WE are all called to connect to our own divinity to the sacredness of LIfe and All Living Systems.
    What is your connection today? How do you nourish it? How do you experience it? 

    Our Mystic Waves at MysticalBliss is a Praxis and intuition. We follow our Sacred Heart and Spirit to connect.

    Invoking Sacred Space to connect

    To connect in the morning is to open sacred space and call the six directions, reminding us of our Blessings and Connections in kawsay, the space, the time and the energy of NOW.

    For us it is to connect to the Spirit Animals, Sachamama, the Serpent in the South, while she is holding space for us we are also reminded of letting go of the old that no longer serves and the healing that awaits the day.

    In the West, we are calling otorongo, the Puma to hold the winds in the west and invite her to mulch away all that no longer serves and recycle, to rejuvenate and renew. It is here in the west that we worked with the shadow, life & death.

    In the North invoking Sequekente, the Hummingbird, the Picaflor in Peru to take us to the realm of impossible to the Apu’s (the mountains and the ancestors. We call upon the Hummingbird to show us their way.

    In the East calling upon the Condor and the Eagle to take us wing to wing with spirit to look at life and all from a higher perspective.

    In deep Gratitude we connect with Pachamama for the healing of all creation and all our relations, the plant people, the stone people and the animal kingdom.

    Above us we invoke inti tai tai, the heavens to connect to the realm of spirit, whatever we connect too.

    A beautiful prayer in the morning for the first connection with the divine.

    When we teach the Sacred Space in the Munay Ki and any engagement and encounters both online and face2face we begin with the Sacred Space.

    See here for more in the Mystic Connectedness & Praxis.

    The Next we share with you is the Vital Living & Choice


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