• Choice Inquiry: Healthy or Vital?

    Choice Inquiry: Healthy or Vital?
    Do you survive and fight or do you shine and flow?

    This is an invitation to a Choice Inquiry about the concepts of Healthy and Vital?
    For some time now I am drawn to the vibration of vitality and vital. The vibration of Language attracts me, are ready for a choice inquiry with me? I am intrigued to explore this affinity with you.
    What’s a choice inquiry you may ask? It is an inquiry on external and internal information, experience, insights and guidance to make a choice that works for an authentic praxis. While we may seem similar as a human species, much is different and what works for me may not work for you. A choice inquiry is here to ask questions to provoke consciousness not for sameness but resonance and authentic truths.
    I would consider most of my life healthy and yet I always something was missing for me. My weight, my energy and most of all my sense of being truly alive. My journey shifted when I surrendered to my mystical praxis and Life Choices including living plant based food, connectedness to living systems, questioning the world around me, my meditation praxis, my yoga praxis +++. Please don’t feel turned off because I do not eat animal produce in form or processed food, and a whole lot more. This my choice and I am far from imposing my choices on anyone. You also don’t have to meditate or do yoga. In fact, you don’t have to do anything. This is about asking questions that ring true to YOU. I merely state my convictions and experiences. I don’t not subscribe to fashion or popular spirituality but to the truths within in me, and the consciousness that we all choose to experience.
    The not so public news and revelations that came to me over the last couple of days provoked my interaction with Healthy and Vital even more, in particular the consciousness levels they bring.
    Here is what the definitions from google:
    Health is a state of being free of illness and injury, wellbeing, fitness, a good condition, good shape being fine. It involved mental health, being in the normal ranges of the alchemy and magic that is happening in our mind.
    We also talk about healthy relationships to alcohol, the world, our work our loved ones.  Makes me question what is this health free of illness and injury we are are talking about? What does it mean to be fit? In a good condition?

    Vitality on the other hand, according to google and dictionaries is a state of being strong and active with energy. Vitality refers to liveliness, life, energy, spirit, vivacity, exuberance, buoyancy, bounce, élan, verve, vim, pep, brio, zest, sparkle, dynamism, passion, fire, visor, drive and punch.  We are using vitality  as in change gives renewed vitality to our democracy or the bright weather has revived my vitality. We talk about vitality as the power to give life and it is present in all living systems.

    The Choice Inquiry

    My favourite inquiries are simply questions. Ask and you shall see connections, movement,  centre, strengths, flexibility and flow. Inquiries go within into a space that is free, true, authentic and without any external expectations, requirements or pressure. Inquiries also can include external inquiry, like looking at different opinions of a matter, often outside mainstream hegemonies and matrix information. And if you want to take it even further and external inquiry could include being in nature, communicating with plants and animals, the earth. Living in a big city I often miss this external inquiry, while enjoying the birds that make their way close to me, squirrels or the trees in the park, away from a noisy world that is an illusion to some of us.

    Can you put yourself there? Without your attachments, expectations, assumptions and preference. In yogic systems such as non-duality self inquiry is key to self realisation.


    Where are you? In a health system or in vital state of being? What attracts you more? Beyond the customs, the upbringing, the mindset, the culture or the popular culture. Just the word and maybe what you have read about their definition.

    For me, health systems are a matrix, operational conditions and processes, symptoms, treatments and prevention and control. In order to be free of illness you  need an insurance to pay for fear.

    Our mental health is in danger, we are on a rise of depression, addictions of all kinds, anxiety and stress. Are you jobs healthy? What are we exposed to? Electromagnetic radiations, toxic environments both in a physical and emotional sense, pressure and stress, bullying and a slave mentality. And we are looking for authorities outside self to achieve this free of illness and injury.

    What do you have to do to be healthy, according to mainstream Health Systems? Are you doing it all? Do you wonder if this is really being well and vital?

    At the same time we eat chemically sprayed food, genetically modified produce and processed food that uses formulas, chemicals and colours  that are creating illnesses. We live in a space of pharmaceutical overuse and prescribed drugs, sugar, dairy and gluten addictions. And yet we feel there is no choice.  We go to the gym and again follow the external authority, take powders and eat fat free. We use antibiotics to feel better for a moment and kill both good and bad. We take pills for emotional stress and symptoms. We take pills for our blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies and pain and really maintain it all. We accept a chemo therapy and expect to be healed by destroying all our systems. All of this is HEALTH?

    The Health Questions

    What about our healthy relationships? Free of illness and injury, and yet we live in a time of more sick relationships than ever with abuse and violence and so much more.
    Health creates fear of illness and illness and hence a self fulfilling prophesy? We fight the stress, we fight the cancer and really we give it energy and call that health? What are we afraid of? How do we contribute? What are the questions that we ask?
    And then there is the Vitality, dynamic strengths, being active, alive and light. For me it is that stage of bliss to flow and thrive without fear of sickness. It’s the virtue of the observer to learn and choose. Is it possible to find the authority within and choose vitality. We know so much today, knowledge is available.
    Have you heard the Ted talk about Stress kills you??? Do you know the effects of fluoride? Do you know what life is like without gluten, dairy, sugar and yes animals in every shape? Have you experienced the difference? Do you meditate and explore your inner truths. Do you look for the light in your relationships and the dynamics? Did you try Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong and many others? Physical practices that work with your 13 system in your physical body, allow to have physical sensations, relaxations and connecting to self.  Is your mind and spirit free to choose LIFE. Are you in Ayni? (sacred reciprocal relationship with All) Ayni is a word that comes from Quechua, in my shamanic studies it became life for me. Are you harmless to self and all living systems? Are you connected to LIFE?
    The Vitality Questions
    And here are more questions. Are you alive? Are you Free? Are you living your dream? Are you connecting to your physical, emotional, and mental vitality? Are you connected to Spirit in all? Are you conscious? Are you present?Are you resilient? Are you bouncing? Are you basking in the wonder of life? Do you experience that spark?
    Mystic Flute of Vitality

    Mystic Flute of vitality

                                    The MapShifting: The Clearing

    What answers do you get? What connection did you make? What are your learning from Your questions? Are you healthy? Are you Vital? What is your consciousness?

    The clearing is about letting go, acknowledging our past influences, our experiences, our decisions and agreements and surrendering them. If you wish, its like taking a blank piece of paper and creating a new reality in the NOW. Eckhart Tolle and many others talking about the Power of Now and the ability to imagine and creatively engage with our becoming in the moment.

    What would you like to clear, to truly heal and be free. Is it healthy or vital for YOU? How can you be what you want to be?

    The clearing means I am willing to observe what holds my thoughts and experiences of pain, anger, disappointment, doubt, the resentment, greed and envy and the attachments to suffering, obligations and have to be this way?

    The big question about clearing is always, are we ready? Are we willing? Clearing is a commitment to self to free from past influences often mal. Clearing is an invitation in our own self to create new life, new experiences without the heaviness, drama and past attachments.

    Tools? Dedication? 
    What would it take for you? Its crucial to find ways to get started. What is important? What are the little things you can do every day to make the change you want to be? What would bring you the health or vitality you deserve or want in Your life? Are you ready to dedicate your energy, your thoughts, your love to YOU?

    There are many ways to find these tools, but the best require your dedication to choose your change. Dedication and Choice are single most important starters for Change. There is no magic wand with an external pill, energy healing or other methods. While you may require a method to assist you, but without YOU, your dedication and your Choice nothing happens. Neither Health nor Vitality?

    The Praxis and the Flow

    Praxis is a word that comes from Greek and the great philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, but also the great educator of the last century Paolo Freire.  So praxis are the spirited, conscious and courageous actions, intent, effort, time and space into your desires and study and your reflection of their impact for CHANGE. Praxis is not religious, there is no have to, no force. As Yogananda told his followers, there are no rules to follow, however you may choose differently over time.
    Yes its your Choice whatever way you go and even the best praxis is dynamic and changes, as it is not a religious practice. Some say it takes 21 days to change a mindset – praxis surely gets you there.

    A praxis of survival or a praxis of shine?

    Let me know how you feel about this Dialogue??? Does it bring consciousness to YOU? Are you checking out more? Do you want to ask me more?  If you want to share your answers, please feel free to do that.  patrick@mysticalbliss.com

    How much longer? 
    Are we stuck in a concept and actions that may kill us? Chemists speak up about Pharmaceutical Industry, the European Debates on Monsanto’s poisoning the world. A Students and Teachers of a school in Peru getting poisoned while a sugar cane field is sprayed with a chemical that is debated on in Debate in Europe as the WHO claims this is cancer causing. What are we doing to nature? Who asked the sugar cane or the earth if they wanted these chemicals?

    How much longer do we give permission to be poisoned, killed, our health and vitality compromised???

    What choices are we making at this time? Healthy or Vital?

    Tune into  You are the Dream and feel your possibilities of vitality,  a recording by HeartDialogues  Cecie H. Sonqo, Alberto Necco and Myself.

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