• Imagine you CAN – The Story of the Dragonfly


                  Dragonfly from a hammock at Shakti Home in Treasure Beach Jamaica

    Last year I read this amazing article about the dragonfly as it was the year of the dragonfly in some culture. 

    The dragonfly has always been a crucial part of me and my life. Very easily the dragonfly communicates with me and is clearly one of my number one spirit animals. No surprise the Dragonfly is one of our spirit animals at MysticalBliss.

    Please enjoy the article I wrote last year, published at Linkedin.

    If you have been waiting for the mystical – here you go. You get the Dragon and the Fly, the water and air with a lot of magic. A shaman’s dream is to embrace the dragonfly medicine, its vibrational signature, energetic code with the ability to weave light into our becoming and the power of manifestation and abundance.

    Truly living Consciousness, transformation and rebirth with the ability to change mark the Dragonfly’s journey and their Dance of Life and Light.

    What can you imagine? How deep can you go? Can you shift and turn elegantly, fast and audaciously? Can you wait until it is your time? Can you embrace your turn to evolve? Can you see your world through different lenses? Can you embrace different lenses of reality?

    The dragonfly invites us this year into the realm of the 6th dimension a truly magical world. For most of us this can be strange to imagine when we are stuck in a heavy dance of life on earth, often harsh and dense 3rd dimensional experiences

    continue to read the whole article here  The Story of the Dragonfly  please click and enjoy 


    MysticalBliss by Cecie Sonqo (Hanza)

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