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    The Magic of Awakening the Voice to the Hero(ine) within and often that simply means it is time for change. Observe, notice, look at like from a different perspective, make different connections, try something new and awaken the voice of the Hero(one) within.

    Let me invite you into a neutral space without judgment, regret, resentment or being defensive.

    We all live in a world that is conditioned, manipulated and hegomonised. We are all chasing something that we are supposed to be, supposed to have, suppose to achieve. Do you notice those things are mostly external and often disconnected from who we truly are?

    This is not about struggling in life financially and rejecting abundance and bounty. This is about being scared into, living an external life that is disconnected from the Hero(ine) within.

    Do you ever wonder how you got here? How you suppressed, denied and escaped from the voice within you?

    The time for awakening is now, awaking to SELF, the Hero(ine) within.

    Even on an enlightenment and actualization path we find our challenges and shadows, and it is crucial to wake up in this time and space, the Kawsay Pacha as the Q’ero call it. The time and space where all energy connects and we can no longer run or hide.

    The generations before us may have lived a more external life, war, loss and the likes have maybe caused them to focus on the material and physical to find happiness, peace and security. Even my mother measures my success on the superficial external scale, while I used to complain that my mother could not see me, I am now grateful to her. She is simply a catalyst for awakening and my becoming outside her external conditions and connotations, assumptions and judgments about her world.

    Yes, for all of us, we make many decisions about life, money, success, self based on what we see as children, and this is not necessarily our truths, furthermore not only it is not our truths we have not learned to free ourselves and give voice to the Hero(ine) within.

    What is your life like? Do have what you feel you need? Physically, materially, economically what you supposed to have? The car, the house, the children, the job, the money, the wife/the husband, the physical body, the clothes, the watch, the jewelry, the holiday +++?

    What is your health like? How do you eat? Are you on medication? Do you live vitally? What is your weight like? How do you feel, about YOU? Your strengths, your flexibility, you balance, your resilience? Physically, emotionally, mentally and? Do you connect to your PRECENCE? Do you live in your Truths and Resonance? Does your life flow?

    I not saying that life is always smooth without changes on the contrary, everything in life moves, changes and is connected. You are changing all the time, you are connected to everything, you are moving. Question is how? Linear, Circular, dancing, stressing, holding on?

    I believe there is a space for us all to be free, prosperous and authentic, living the Hero(ine) within in an external world, manifesting our bounty from within.

    If this resonates please read on and explore your Hero(ine) within.

     The eyes within are exquisite and bright
    to see the Hero(ine) within in the best light
    The ears within are finely tuned without shame
    to the truths that is still without name
    The skin within feels the subtle and forgotten
    to bask in your resonance
    the nose within connects the breath to all systems
    The mouth within tastes  the life with all its wonder
    to awaken the Voice within when you finish to ponder
    Yenga Sonqo (Patrick A. Fuss)

    1. Make a list of the 11 most important things that you have. own and possess. And then in a moment of truths identify and rate how meaningful it is to you from 1-10.
    2. Now make a list of 11 things you love most, the things that make your heart sing. Again rate them from 1-10
    3. Now examine the LIFE in your important things.
    4. Write some message to yourself from your observation and give your Hero(ine) Voice.

    If you want to share your results with me and please feel free to email me. A bit further down you will find my email address.

    And now Relax and let your super conscious and your vibrations connect you. Press the link and go. Sit comfortable or lie down, this is a meditation of 5 minutes in a sacred space. It is guided and with Pentatonic sounds. Please listen if you are inspired.

    awakening you Voice

    So what’s NEXT? You may want to listen to this for the next 40 days and see what happens.

    What are the three things that you can imagine every day now that are coming into your life?

    What are the three new thing you can do in your Praxis (actions and reflections for change) to be YOU?

    How can you love and express your Hero(ine) within in Your World?

    Need a catalyst? More Meditation? Advice? A Sounding board? Share your results and ask me a question? Feel free to email me.



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    Patrick A. Fuss (Yenga Sonqo) is the Chief Imagination Officer at MysticalBliss, A Catalyst, a Vitalyst. A Inspirational Speaker, a P’aqo, an Illariy ChakaRuna, an EduCreator with expertise in (Trans) Personal & Collective Awakening and Emergence, Organisational & Community Development, Leadership, Relationships and Connections, Engagement & Capability, Change & Transformation,

    Neo-Systemic Explorer. A Writer, A Dreamer, An Imgineer, a Yogi, a Kumu Storyteller, A Chanter and Flute Player, A Spirit Animal Whisperer +++

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