Do you ever wonder what holds you back to make the changes in your life that allow you to be your full potential, passion, ability to create abumance in all ways?

These five Cs may bring you a key to open up to the opportunities that you are seeking for. It seems most of us are somehow resisting or self sabotaging our highest becoming and abiity for Change.

This may not be because we are not wanting the change, but more we are numb to the energy of change and conditioned mentally, emtionally and physically, through experiences, sociiety, culture and family belief systems, food for body, mind and soul. So we simply can not feel the beauty and vitality of change and opportunities in our life.

Vitality is a crucial energy and vibration in all living systems that enables us to feel LIFE and LifeForce in harmony with all. In other words vitality takes place when all change and actions are harmless to all; animals, stones, earth, plants, elements and humans. To claim those five potent Cs, a praxis dynamix is recommened. Praxis contains actions, intent, contribution, reflection, inqiury and observation for Vital Change that brings impact and benefits for all. Dynamix suggests that this praxis is exponential allowing plenty results and experiences in the process as they unfold uniquely to the one that conducts the praxis dynamix. Praxis Dynamix is in harmony with cycles in nature and also a dynamic form of processses.

Most of us are holding information, contracts, agreements, programs and blocks in our conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, and in many ways what is holding us back is not always accessible to us. In addition, it is not as simple as trying to delete what we are not aware of. At the same time, when we are getting on the rollercoaster of finding why’s, blaming, judging and assuming instead of letting truly go and release the what no longer serves we can not make this change.

Much of these contracts, agreements, programs and blocks sit in our Theta State, that is also in a way the 4 D world that suggests the drama and suffering, the Shadow work that often leads to depression, blame, shame and resentment for Self and others. When we work with the Theta State or the 4D world in a more sutble way through meditation or journeying or vibrational frequencies we actually have an opportunity to set ourselves free instead of being a prisoner and slave to past blocks and the attached drama, emotions and karma. We have somehow allowed to enter a part of our consciousness, influencing ways of being: behaviour, actions, vitality and more. The second part that is crucial is to release through time, space, dimensions and relaties to ensure the full liberation. This is when the Shadow dance begins, accepting the Shadow and moving in elegance to the rhythms of Light.

There may be many ways to claim vitality for change here is my version, a holographic perspective with elements of Vibrational and Spirit Medicine. In MysticalBliss Impact Studi, Sound is added to enforce the vibrational change what we call Simply Illariy Sonix Sound.

So here they are, the Five Cs.

First C            Consciousness
Opening up Consciousness of your situation, issue or problem. Allowing a whole picture and lead an inquiry of wonder of all it could be – not Why. Consciousness is vital throughout this praxis dynamix as it enables a new way of being connected to self and listening; physically, mentally, emotionally not only how the experience is for self but to all that is vital.

Second C        Clearing
The clearing can be conducted through intent in a Delta State, so meditation, self hypnosis or the likes to release and clear the frequencies and vibrations of your Pathways, obstacles and blocks. Certain music, like chants and vibrational sound can support the clearing. This is also releasing self from the attachments of the past and entering a space of non-attachment, non-suffering and non-judgment.

Third C           Connectedness
Once free of the trap, off the rollercoaster and karma wheel it is crucial to connect to your True Self and Potential and from there enter a state of OneNess being connected to all there is in a holographic reality.

And here is a Simply Illariy Sound how to connect vibrationally to Self and jump of the rollercoaster and karma wheel.

Forth C          ChoicePoints,
For this C, I actually recommend to ask guides and your own guidance to be present of Choicepoints. It is easy to miss, when we are not present and easy to stay in the old rut instead of seizing new Directions and Realities.

This is where a new praxis begins and where the slave becomes the master. It is actually, recognizing the ChoicePoint and choosing a new way. This is also the point where Thriving begins.

Fifth C           Claiming
The fifths C also plays a special role in this, even if we are present to the ChoicePoints and choosing a new way, it does not necessarily mean that we have claimed our Potential for Vital Change, or our true unique Action and Contribution. In other words there are levels to this, in a way layers of reality and consciousness. The claiming is the courage to claim self, brilliance, beauty, purity, potential… This is a claiming of our richness, power, wealth and health of BEING. While we are claiming what is ours, we do not take from others.

In our Vital Impact Studio we are offering a HeartEndeavor that covers those five Cs and we bring it into perspective and relevance to current situations, internally and externally to self. Our Clients love it and so do we.

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