• Beyond Lenses of Reality: Three Steps to find YOUR I CANs in a World of Limitations and Change

    Most things really depend how you choose to look at it. Most of our limitations and failures are based on the way we are looking at it. The lenses you apply will lead you to a linear, circular, spirals or holographic. The system and the matrix that we are somehow attached and trapped in, is not working and we are the ones to find our truths and way out.

    Some Truths about the World of Limitations

    We live in a time where we are almost forced to look at alternatives. The way we live no longer works:

    Your job is not as secure as it looks

    We are exposed to much poison and harmful stuff all around us

    We find more disease, stress and hunger in the world than ever – and that is not really about increasing population – this is about shocking distribution

    Our planet is dying, our soils are tired or producing – over –fertilsed or plants are sprayed with pesticides that we are eating and still unwell

    The animals that are eaten are fed by genetically modified soy, filled with hormones and antibiotics and their living and dying situations are beyond shocking

    In the first, second and third world there is an increase of stress, depression, anxiety and funny enough poverty.

    Most of us have lost the sense of zest for living, freedom and bliss.

    We are attached to TV, food, sleeping pills and drama

    Education is preparing kids for the system

    We are out of harmony with nature and living systems

    Yes we could carry on a very long list here – but really this is not the point. It is how we are dealing with it – you, as an individual.

    Claiming Your Don’ts

    When we realize that we don’t have to play the game, we get to power to return into Sacred Relationship with all there is.


    Don’t ignore Self & All there is

    Don’t harm Self and All there is

    Don’t compromise Self and All there is

    Don’t please others

    Don’t run from your Calling

    Don’t break the voice in your heart

    Don’t wait for another one, another time another space, its now and it is you

    Don’t loose self in the Duality Matrix and your own prison

    Don’t hide from being YOU

    Don’t pretend it will all fall apart anyway

    Don’t reject your part and responsibility in All

    Don’t reject your gifts and abundance


    If you are ready to say NO and begin to look at the alternatives, read on. Maybe some or all resonates with you. And only then, your invitation makes sense.


    Three steps ion the Journey to YOUR I CAN’S

    Step One is asking the questions.

    What I am I ignoring? Who is compromised? And how? How does it feel? What are the different thoughts on this? What is the energy? What are the subtleties?

    Step Two is finding your truths and options.

    Who am I here? What is harmless, humble and liberating to me and all there this?

    When you are clear not to ignore, not to harm, not to compromise, not to please … you get a clearer picture and different choices.

    Step Three is to make the choices that are congruent with YOU and claim your I CAN’S:

    I can accept myself and all there is

    I can be mindful and considerate to all there is

    I can allow space for me and all there is

    I can express and live my truths

    I can face situations and respond

    I can be aware and step out

    I can show myself and my light to the world

    I can be honest and authentic

    I can be humble

    I can be I can honor self and all there is

    I can embrace myself and my gifts and abundance

     How are you going with your I CAN’S? Are the three steps giving you new lenses of reality? Can you see and walk a path of choices for living that brings you a new reality?


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