• An Inquiry of wonder into the Zest for Living – Purification Inter-Dimensional

    What is the Zest for Living? It is subtle and intangible, beyond a sense of being WELL, but feeling life and a zest or passion for life. Let us lead an inquiry into the idea, experience and magic.

    What is living?
    The first concept is the concept of living. Do you ever wonder what it means – LIVING?

    How do you experience living? Your heart is beating? You are breathing? You are conscious? You feel Life and the Qi (Lifeforce) running though your body, your veins, your fluids, your bones, structures and forms, systems and processes? Are you grateful for Living? Can you feel that gratitude and are you connected to YOU?

    When do you experience the Zest for Living?
    Zest of living is a concept outside our measureable, linear and reductionist paradigm and possibly a question that you have not been asked or ask yourself. The first step is really that you engage your mind in the inquiry of what is this?

    Horizons of Zest for Living
    One horizon we could see inter-connectedness with all life. On another we could experience it simply as bliss, wonder and happiness on all levels of your Being. In your body, your mind, your emotions, your heart intelligence, your soul, your luminous energy & vibration.

    When you bring the Horizons for Living into your energy and vibration you will experience, extraordinary Presentness with life and living, that brings the experience of zest or passion. The second horizon is Consciousness of the living. The third is Listening beyond Listening to the subtleties and the Flow and the final horizons is authentic Praxis

    Zest for Living is an experience, a state of being, an inner knowing. You can not conceptualize but experience and be it.

    Dimensions of Zest of Living
    This starts with the physical, our alimentation, environment, movement, breathing – all that makes us function and enjoy in extraordinary ways. Form Flexibility, Flow and Force really make our physical dimension. The second dimension is the emotional. What is the purpose of the emotional self? What are we listening too? Drama or Signs? How do we respond to emotions? Recognition, Realization, Reflection and Responsibility in a nutshell is beyond our emotional intelligence. And Yes, a great sense of happiness comes from the way we feel emotionally. The Mind is the third dimension, which begins with our mental comfort zone, the matrix we live in. In many traditions the mind is referred to the monkey mind that keeps us going in circles and often feel like the fool. It is also the mind that instructs, blesses or curses the body. Our self-talk comes from the mind, and often our self-talk is self-destructing without any sign of passion for living. The mind is trained to be linear, rational, reductionist and absolute. The dimension of the mind is perception, perspective, perseverance and power. The Soul is the dimension, where we connect beyond this life in the dichotomy reconcile the past pain and karma or living our soul purpose passionately and vividly. The dimension of the Sacred Heart or Heart Intelligence is the realm of inner guidance and intuition, seeing beyond physical appearance and logic and judgment. In our sacred heart we are guided by Pure Love and Light, Potential, Playfulness and Perpetual Abundance from a place of pure intent in harmony with all there is. The dimension of spirit or light is our connectedness to the divine – our luminous body: Transcendent, Transformational, Transpersonal and Translucent.

    Connecting to Zest for Living
    It actually means that we are creating a space for self to where we can feel living to the highest. No, it is not getting high, drunk or a plant medicine trip. It is the consciousness to take responsibility to our LIFE and LIVING through all horizons and dimensions – and a commitment to information, choices and praxis.

    In our series Zest for Living – Purification Inter-dimensional We bring information about the horizons and dimensions where life and our reality exists. We shine light to the conditions that we experience on all levels and the world we are exposed to. With each theme, for instance from Heaviness to Lightness or From congestion to flow we address what reality we are all living in and the choices that we have. We undergo deep purification through the horizons and dimensions. You also receive recipes and tools to stay connected to Zest for Living and find your own with your own praxis.

    Zest for Living opens you up, provokes your consciousness, invokes your Connectedness to the passion for living and gives you choices and tools that work for you.

    Five Ways of Connecting to YOUR Zest of Living

    1. Invite Zest of Living into Your Life
    2. Find out about what is happening in your environment that stops you from experiencing the Zest of Living in your horizons.
    3. Make conscious choices to Be the Zest of Living in all your dimensions
    4. Find your praxis – your food, your recipes, your tools for being the Zest for Living through your horizons and dimensions
    5. Enjoy our Insights on Zest for Living and enjoy your Flow

    Physical Dimension:
    Form Flexibility, Flow, Fire and Force

    Emotional Dimension:
    Recognition, Realization, Reflection and Responsibility

    Mental Dimension:
    Perception, Perspective, Perseverance and power.

    Soul Dimension
    Pure Love and Light, Potential, Playfulness and Perpetual Abundance from a place of Pure Intent in Harmony with all there is.

    Spirit Dimension:
    Transcendent, Transformational, Transpersonal and Translucent.

     Zest for Living   February 15th

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