• Beyond Lenses of Reality: Welcome to the Year of the Dragonfly


    Beyond Lenses of Reality: Welcome to the Year of the Dragonfly

    If you have been waiting for the mystical – here you go. You get the Dragon and the Fly, the water and air with a lot of magic. A shaman’s dream is to embrace the dragonfly medicine, its vibrational signature, energetic code with the ability to weave light into our becoming and the power of manifestation and abundance.

    Truly living Consciousness, transformation and rebirth with the ability to change mark the Dragonfly’s journey and their Dance of Life and Light.

    What can you imagine? How deep can you go? Can you shift and turn elegantly, fast and audaciously? Can you wait until it is your time? Can you embrace your turn to evolve? Can you see your world through different lenses? Can you embrace different lenses of reality?

    The dragonfly invites us this year into the realm of the 6th dimension a truly magical world. For most of us this can be strange to imagine when we are stuck in a heavy dance of life on earth, often harsh and dense 3rd dimensional experiences.

    Can you dream? Can you come up with a way of being, a horizon, a paradigm beyond the lack and fear, the doubts and judgments and SCARS that we have known?

    The Dragonfly invites you to become a Dreamweaver of a Whole New World, Dancers of Light and Wonder with the abundance that we have often rejected, feared and disbelieved?

    This can be a time to feel your rhythm, and the magic to dance, graciously, free and light, between the worlds with your vibrational signature of pure love and light, compassion and clarity.

    Breathing into the magic and set it free or rather set yourself free.

    You understand my excitement for Divine Magic and the dragonfly?

    The dragonfly magic entered into my life in many ways, and as we are entering the year of dragonfly, I feel I can now take that creative flight through dimensions and space to weave those dreams of the world into the light, and into a new reality.

    The magical changes of the dragonfly from the egg to the nymph, spending years in the waters to learn about the ‘the dreaming’ and the DreamTime. Years of learning consciousness, clarity, compassion and creativity to know I can emerge and have a choice. All my life dragonflies came my way.

    The dragonfly takes us to the depth and essence of it all and into a space of vulnerability – before the Dragonfly morphs from the nymph into the Adult all its energy and lifeforce goes into that process – making the dream come true, profound change and transformation to become the one of light in the air, flying like not many others can with a vision beyond our lense.

    Check out this youtube video to see these magical beings.  http://youtu.be/oKkA9IMW5o0

    In many shamanic traditions the Dragonfly is a Portal of Magic, and Mystery into the Sixth Dimension and that resonates with me it is true with me. In this year, 2015, as we call it, it is important that we understand what is truths to Self, to our divine essence that we are. Living the illusion behind.

    The Dragonfly asks us for purity and weaving light into our becoming both our individual and the collective. I am talking about all there is, all living systems, beyond and inclusive humanity.

    It is the light and purity that is required in this world, and to be precise it is our light and purity that is required, so our wonderful dragonfly can enter our consciousness, our strength and our magical self.

    In some ways you could see yourself like the nymph hanging on this leaf. You are in the last part of that rebirth and morphing.

    2015 is for all of us to ‘slip out’ of the old, paradigms, duality matrix, negativity, depression, fears andsense of lack, limitation and restrictions and to step into that magical dance of light of the dragonfly.

    Wishing you all an extraordinary YEAR  beyond Lenses of Reality DSC_1925

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