• Beyond Lenses of Reality: An Inquiry of Wonder Beyond Identity

    An Inquiry of Wonder

    When you wonder you are making an inquiry about something that is beyond why and a singular, rational and reductionist answer that we are all so easy ask for and conditioned to and yet the why does not give the answer or the solution. It just gives us the excuse to know and move on.

    Can you stay with me here now into the Inquiry of Wonder Beyond Identity?


    What is Beyond Identity?

    Identity is an interesting concept. Do you ever wonder about your identity? Who are you? Your ancestors? Many of us are inquiring now the origin of family and your DNA. WE are seeking different ways of identifying with who we are? Your culture? Are you stuck in one or are you one of those who are citizens of the world and you feel connected to many cultures? You Gender Identity? Feminine and Masculine the classic,– the NeoWoman, the NeoMan, the Goddess, the god, the man and women of the mind, the man and women of the Heart? Where is your gender identity? (this is not sexual orientation). And the more general question: what do we identify with? Class, work, family status, social status, religion, spiritual connection, Life?

    Is it possible to look at all the aspects of identity in isolation? What if we have an ancestral and a soul DNA through space and time?


    Wondering Beyond Identity in your Environment

    Have you ever wondered about the connections you make? How you react or respond to people, places, things, animals, plants, stones, earth, fire, air, water and all there is? What are you really noticing and perceiving? What is going on? Are you observing? What are you wondering about others? What is beyond their identity?


    Wondering about You and Beyond Your Identity

    Are you wondering about the mirror within? How is all connected? You and all there is? What if all we encounter is simply an aspect of YOU? Are you wondering beyond your identity and others?

    Then maybe you are on the path to identify with the Wonder that you are and wonder in all there is all there is. And maybe there is a Vibe of Wonder to be continued




    Beyond Lenses of Reality: An Inquiry into Your Vibes of Wonder


    Inquiry into Vibes of Wonder

    What’s your Vibe is casual expression, for a subtle experience with self and others. A Vibe is really a vibration that we sense and that drives us at the same time. Interestingly, every Cell in our body is vibrating. Are we sending this Vibe? Are we able to tune in to a sacred sound, a code in others, animals, plants, stones, elements and all there is? Lets shine some light into the inquiry of wonder. Are we able to listen to the vibe, a Sacred Sound, a Melody, a Rhythm of Life?


    Placed or Spaced?

    Just imagine now – is your vibe solidly PLACED in the now as, a singular place, grounded into this life and reality?


    Is your vibe SPACED through different NOWs, maybe different lives, realities and experiences of your soul and spirit? What if we have the ability to be PLACED and SPACED in your vibe? Can we be aware in the NOW of what is going on through Space?


    Do you have experiences of déjà vu? Do you meet people that you are connected to? Do you have experiences of synchronicity and serendipity? Do you feel a vibe, a connection to your environment and things? Do you hear the Sacred Song behind the surface? Can you tune in to the Subtle? Do you communicate with your car, your cat, a painting on the wall…?


    Towards a Oneness Consciousness and Potentiality

    What if we have the ability to perceive beyond space and time and our Human conditioned mind and go beyond reductionism, singularity, judgment, separating and labeling?


    What if integrity exists in different realms of experiences – the Alpha, the Beta, the Theta, the Delta and beyond – simultaneously? What if we make up the separation and distinctions?

    The Vibe, in a way is who we are on a deeper level, how we send out signals – both PLACED and SPACED. We cannot claim to understand this concept in our rational mind, but maybe in another. Most of us know there is more to us than the rational mind. We can measure the States of Being through brainwaves we can measure. It appears to me that our song, our rhythms go beyond the matrix we live in but keeps us in harmony with our true self. Are we listening to the wonder in ourselves? Are you listening the Vibe of Wonder in all there is?


    We can awaken to our vibe and listen, this very moment we make this choice to go beyond and allow our vibe to illuminate our becoming, our evolution, our actualization, our being …







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