• Exploring the Magic of Ilariy Sonix and NeoSynergetix

    DSCN1880The Frequencies and Vibrations in Living systems create forms and structures in our body and the world. We could hypothesize; of our creation and reality.

    The information is clearly from us – our thoughts, our language, our emotions, our memories through time and space, codes, signatures and really too much to mention.

    This suggests much is conscious, subconscious, superconscious and yes mostly not of our conscious knowing.

    We live in a world of secrets – what is going on behind the scene? A world of hidden agendas and lack of transparency, as well as assumptions. The script that writes it all – and YET – there is a Choice of Awakening – Actualization – Enlightenment – for you to name it and claim it. It all begins when we start centering and allow the chemical, electro magnetic, subtle, the magic to find its own rhythms. We can move our vibration beyond, above and outside of the linear control systems of right and wrong, good and bad, separation and duality. This space is free and open for all of us and is simply the Pure LightSource and Force this is not outside of Self, it is only outside of the three-dimensional, rational, linear and controlled world we are living in.

    Everything moves and everything is connected – we are just the drop in the sea – and yet we carry all the information.

    When Pasteur plagiarized Bechamp and led modern medicine on a path of having to destroy ‘bad germs’ we kind of lost the whole picture. Apparently, Pasteur said on his deathbed the germ is nothing the environment is everything. This would be in line with the New Biology of Bruce Lipton.

    The environment we live in is that of secrecy, separation, judgment and control. It is said your body is a temple – when are you allowing your body to be a temple?

    Yes, we can co-create a temple of LIGHT within and outside of us – meaning – shining our light freely in the world without getting caught of in the soup of mental slavery and minefields. There is indeed a CHOICE.

    At the essence of all is Light and Movment, a Pulse, Rhythm that drives it all – when are you ready to tune into your highest vibratinoal frequency – and run your living systems on Pure LightSource. This is the LightPulse of MysticalBliss.

    Enjoy with us in the Dance of LIGHT


    Physical Body  nutrition – movement – structural – processes

    Symbolic Body – mental – emotional

    Psychic Body – soul and sacred heart

    Luminous Body –  spirit – and light




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