• Lenses to Dynamic Realities Living Horizons and Holographic Organism Another Dimension of Embracing Self

     A Series of Playful Inquiry to Actualization


    First Lens:

    Jung’s Typology

    And Myer Briggs  



    Yes these are three ideas in one, or rather three aspects to make up Living Reality in the Rhythms of Change. They do come randomly – it’s not a process.


    Reality continues to fascinate me. What are we choosing? Who is choosing? What are the choices?


    I understand we see thousands of things every moment through the lenses of our eyes – and yet – we choose one – the one we focus on – and our lens does not know the difference between the picture in our mind and the picture outside our mind.


    Where does the choosing take place? In our consciousness? In our Conditioning? In our Mindset? Are we living in a world of change or same? Are we living in a world of a tree or the forest? Are we focusing on a singular and linear reality or on a multiple holographic world of living ‘things’?


    The world of Psychology, Philosophy, Phronesis (Practical Wisdom) and Spirituality offers us many lenses. Lets begin with Jung and the famous Myer Briggs Tests. It was Denis Sartin and his wife Dr. Patricia Bossom when they facilitated a workshop on Cultural Coaching and boldly suggested that our Western World is ESTJ.  I am seeing now this is such a lens of reality. In some way it seems to be the thing to be Extroverted – happy with many people, energized by many interactions, center of the party, easy to express self in all situations. Interestingly, many Asian and other cultures have more other combinations, or even the opposite – the INFP Type and of course individuals of any culture can be the opposite what seems to be the lens of reality. In other words if we are not extroverted something is wrong with us. If you don’t feel comfortable in crowds – and speak freely in front of many we are not IN.

    But if we really look at that as a lens of reality – and it is simply one way – and yet it does not really mean that is the only reality. Neither wrong nor right – it simply is an eye. The S is the sensing we meant to be looking at details – see the patterns in our environment and their changes. And here I am – I cant find a thing in an organized shelf or a list of things. Today I can laugh – some time ago I felt something was wrong with me. There are those of us who are analytical and sorting facts as their way of thinking – and there are others who just feel and use their intuition as to what feels, sounds, tastes or harmonizes. And finally the Dominant Western Lens makes decisions based on facts and fast – and may regret later – while other take their time considering a range of alternatives and find it hard to jump into a decision.

    And of course there could be a whole multitude of reasons for all of that. On the other hand ESTJ and INFP are only two combinations – really we find people with all different kinds.

    For most of my life – through my lens, I felt I was strange and struggled in unknown situations with people that were new to me and now I am fine with just being that way – its just the introvert. On the other hand it suggests that we are learning our preference in the first part of our life and when we feel comfortable we explore the other side. So in some ways the Introvert explores the Extrovert and the Extrovert explores the Introvert, as well as we open up to the opposite of all of our letters in Myer Briggs.

    How are you playing with this? How do you show up in life? What change do you allow? What lens do you choose?

    What lenses are you choosing now? What is your reality? What are you really seeing? How does Jung and Myer Briggs work help you to look at your self in a multi-dimensional way – as a living holographic organism? Or simply takes you into a new reality of not taking life that serious  – but light.  Have fun and play!






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