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    The themes of my writings seem to get clearer – and it is mainly because I flow with the Change that is coming my way.

    It seems change has become the enemy of many – when your reality is around securiy, consistency, regularities and linearity. Is it fear that keeps us in the illusion that Change is the enemy and BAD? And then of course there are our experiences of CHANGE. Those we choose – like changing job by application, moving house, city or country, ending a relationship, changing career and much more and those that are forced on us. Restructure, End of a countract, being forced to change carreer for health reasons or others, contracts coming to an end and are not continued, regulations change and of course our spouse is one deciding to end or leave the relationship.

    I remember – my friend robyn brown helping people to see that change is often rejected because we are forced to – when its our choice it seems to be easier for most. An empowering point when you can see the blessing in your restructure and find what you CAN do it.

    In my life – things change constantly and rapidly, not all by my choice – I find it useful not to be attached to anything. And I notice this is often a challenging task.

    What is is in our mindset that makes us hold on, reject change and judge it to be BAD.

    When really nothing is ever the same – even what you did just a minute ago is changing. How interesting that humanity has chosen to often resist change – when in fact its always there.

    More importantly for me though when we see the change and accept it what are we doing with it? What reality are we chosen in the change – really every moment, we make a choice – how we are dealing with the change that is perpetual – we are choosing our reality from this choice.

    You may say some of us like change more than others, and of course there are different change people prefer – some like it deep and profound, others like small steps, and yet others like fast and radical and of course many other options.

    However, change does exist all the time – we just deal with it differently. Change is not the Enemy – change is our constant friend, always there – to give us choices to stay in the past or to try something new.

    What it be like if you know your Rhythm of Change within you – and you could flow easily and freely?




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