• LightPulse Happy Chinese NEW YEAR Everyone

    An exciting YEAR of the Horse Everyone 


    The time has come to get ready to jump on YOUR Horse for 2014. Its time to choose – which is your horse – yes the Chinese talk about a wooden horse – but really

    there are many. Is your horse a unicorn, a pegasus, a seahorse or a donkey? This is the ride into freedom one that is authentic and that requires courage. Change is not always pleasant and it only seems to be valid to remember we may not like it all.

    So the Galactic Starportal is opening up tonight to get you into the NEW space. How are you preparing. What is your intent? And what skins have you shed with the Snake?

    Those of you who are riding know – how important the connection with the horse is – how easily we can get ‘lost’ or even fall – to get up and hop back on again.

    Your horse my through off – so prepared to hop back on again. It maybe galopping through your illusions – are you ready to surrender them in the wind?

    Its time to purfiy and truly create a Place an authentic PLACE for SELF. – yes  we are creating – the time of LifeCreations has begun, INclusive LifeCreations -that INclude the most important of all – YOU. Who are you in this? Are you ready for your adventure in 2014 – are you ready to take that ride – and create YOUR

    PLACE  for me has three parts  Purifications – its important to come back to the essence –Phronesis  – Practical Wisdom once we are pure and clear we can tune into our Wisdom and make differnet choices then you choose a Praxis to practice now your authentic self

    From Purification through Light to Activate Consciousness for your Emancipation from the Old and what no longer serves  you get the ideas – what PLACE are you opening for yourself tonight – its a wonderful opportunity.

    check it out there will be more PLACE soon  in the Phronesis – for today – enjoy the that pure mind and intention that you bring to the year of the HORSE the Power of Choice – mine is a Unicorn – could be tempted with the Seahorse too – in a multidimensional experience – that is totally possible. Connect to THE LIGHT and allow it activate your consciousnes to get ready for change – and open up your own emancipation. All it takes is the intent of PLACE – a ceremony, a meditation, a journey. If you would like me to record one for you – let me know.

    Enjoy your journey with the HORSE – a journey of the HEART to your authentic self – wishing a a lot magic and blessings for this time of Change – well put together with playfulness and laughter

    We are already in the middle of the Change – riding our unicorn, pegasus and seahorse into new LifeCreations. You have now more choices in personal sessions – and everything else is out of the New World Dreamers School. On our horse we dont have so much space  so less is more

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