• The Gift of the Rabbit Hole

    When a rabbit hole appears is not only carries choices but also the gift of going deep, letting go control and truly emerge in the depth of mental traps and conditioning – with the aim to make it through victoriously.

    Lets talk about the choices first- when a Rabbit Hole appears we have choice, to ignore, to pretend it wasnt there – and we can just look at walk away. We can acknowledge and say been there done that and pass or we can accept the challenge, the test the new depth of experience.

    Humanity is a space like that – going down the Rabbit Hole in many ways is the final call – the lesson. Are you truly ready – can you take it all now – audicious New World Dreamer? Are you willing to take this to the next level? Are you truly ready for your actualisation? The real Thing.

    In a time of transition and ascension we all notice the changes, physically, emotionally, mentally, consciously, practically, professionally, and of course spiritually. This is really happening – and the change is here  now – and we are the change.

    So going down the Rabbit Hole and bringing back the gift is more important than ever – because it opens up the NEW. Yes I am can, yes I am, Yes it is possible.

    One of the biggest Rabbit Holes still is Resentment – it opens up a whole heap of cans – cans of worms, coakraches and many other crawlies. Resentment is often found at the end the root of anger, jealousy, fear, negativity, stress, busyness its not just the feeling, the discomfort and the stubberness. It sits deep in our psyche, it has many programmes and is connected to the other, like Consciousness of Lack and Fear, Separation and Control from the Ego Mind.

    So what is it like to jump down the Rabbit Hole of Resentment and receive the gift, going deeper to stir the roots of all the symptoms and pain. Do you really want to know? Well lets see. When you do go down and finally see what it is all about – its is of course all about YOU. Its you – who does not feel validated, love, accepted and respected – and yet – you are making all this up – you creating it so that you can feel bad about the picture other have of you and how you meant to live in your little box. And then of course you can go down – notice that you are the very one that chooses to squeze in the litte boxes – and truly – this not who you are.

    Down the Rabbit Hole waits the gift – the key to the lock that truly keps you locked for too long. Open you eyes now and able to see – its the space and the presence that is denied – and really on many levels – its you who is not taking the space or be present – until some nice person comes along – and say – hey here is your space – do you want it??? In this moment – there is no longer – Why me? Or why not me? there is just a space that can be filled – with your self -fullfiling story, with your love, with your light – open and free. And there is gift – how beautiful it shines. I do have a choice – this is my space regardless of what I or other think, regardless of how I feel this is still my space – and it is about time I am here – about time I take it, about time I become present.

    Then you crawl out of the Rabbit Hole again – now realising the honey combs you had carefully crafted – do not rally exist, you made up to proof to yourself you can or you cant. Its an illusion to live in the boxes of society, upbringing, culture and goverment – we are merely actors that occasionally come acress those programmes  to remind us, we are not in the matrix and we dont need to be there. We are free – there is always another way.

    and as a divine Instrument in the flow or Light – you just go with the wind – receive the gift and move on wherever you’re blown next.

    In Gratitude Fellow Traveller – In Gratitude and LOVE

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