• A Season of JOY – a Season of LOVE – a Season of Consciousness, Change and Authentic Truths

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing in Peru Xmas is all around me, a Catholic Country very much into the Celebration of Xmas – and filled with consumerism influenced by Americanisation as in most countries of the planet. Last year I went to Port Antonio with a friend on Xmas day to escape the Celebrations in Town (Kingston/Jamaica).

    Looking through it all – in reflection and gratitude of a truly amazing year.

    Online Clients, Apprentices, LOVE, Peru, NEW LIFE, NEW WORLD DREAMERS School – a NEW Website – BlissTreats,  Sacred Journeys, ChoiceTreats and in fact a whole NEW LIFE   I am grateful beyond words – and in awe how things have unfolded and still unfold – surely beyond my wildest dreams and I am ready for MORE Magic and Bliss

    And yet I am still getting the messages of shining my light fully – and this is not just a message for me – but for all of us. Coming out of the closet and truly shine our light into the world

    For many of us 2013 has been a true challenge and change – that pushed me into be more courageous than the years past. In many ways for us all 2013 was a year of prepartion to truly attune to your Truths.

    Surrender to a new time – letting go Identity and Ego that no longer serves setting us and step more and more into a freedom that enables an authentic expression of YOU.

    And its great idea to make peace with all, your past, your NOW, your parallel, your Becoming – The time has come to truly be

    Let me invite you to a season of Joy, LOVE, Consciousness, Change and Authentic Truths – bask in it feel it and feel the BLISS  this Xmas



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