• Grounding Higher Consciousness – The Courage to Thrive in Your Truths

    My friend and fellow light being Kirar from New Zealand was talking about this today, about her experience with the Full Moon.

    And of course thank you Helen Barns for activating the new Consciousness of Courage in Truths  <3

    Grounding Highter Consciousness

    What are you doing? How does is show in your Life? Your Gifts? Your Insights? Are you sharing? Are you a part of the New Consciousnes on the Planet? Are you a Co-Creator, a Map Maker, a Space or Path Maker, a Light carrier or Creator … Who are you in this New Consciousness – and how are you grounding the New Consciousness?

    The last weeks have shown to be interesting – endings and new beginnings, change change change. Fascinating how we are more and more open to do new things, to look at the world differenly  to take leaps of faith all the time.

    This is the time to step into our becoming – knowing that we are courageously thriving – in your truths. What is your truths? What feels in integrity and what not.

    Grounding higher consciousness right now is simply ot be true to self – our divine self and knowing all is well when we just do that. In fact, it is simply asking is this the highest I can be – open – courageous – clear- self fulfilling – in consciousness of ONENESS Beyond structure, struggle, strive, suffering and sacrifice – this is the time to our  free selves –  in the highest consciousness we can – and Thrive in our Truths of Non-duality

    We had amazing shifts and changes  and it all comes together – we are launching our New World Dreamers School with the first 2-3 courses on the 26th. We are looking forward to seeing you on BlissTreats in Jamaica and on the Journneys in Peru – or on a ChoiceTreat for ADHD. And there is more coming watch the space – yes its possible to live your dreams courageously. bliss-banner-2

    We are Thriving from the Sacred Heart, in Truths into the NEW Consciousness of the NEW WORLD. Join us


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